GDBBM – Chapter 979

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Chapter 979: “Adorwable Wabbit” (1)”

When they got back to the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall, Xiong Ba had already returned. He was all smiles as he come over to welcome Jun Xie. Just by seeing the expression on his face, they could easily tell that he was in a rather jovial mood.

“This is?” Before Xiong Ba even had the chance to ask how Jun Xie’s first day in the Thousand Beast City had been, he saw the blood covered big eared rabbit in Qing Yu’s arms.

Why had they come back with a half dead rabbit on just their first trip out?

Qing Yu replied with a bitter laugh:”Young Master Jun picked it up from the Spirit Beast Arena.”

“You guys went to the Spirit Beast Arena today?” Xiong Ba had always been highly interested in what went on in the Spirit Beast Arena.

“We had not only gone there, we even got Young Master Jun registered into the competition.” Qing Yu answered.

“You registered?” Xiong Ba turned to look in surprise at Jun Xie, not really understanding why Jun Xie would suddenly develop such a sudden interest towards the Spirit Beast Arena and his gaze was subconsciously drawn to the soft and cuddly little Lord Meh Meh in Jun Xie’s arms.

“Don’t tell me you intend to bring this little Spirit Beast to compete? That would really be just too much! Qing Yu, go to the Spirit Beast Arena right this moment before Young Master Jun goes up on stage and deal with the issue immediately. How can such a tiny little Spirit Beast take part in such a fierce and intense competition?” Without another word, Xiong Ba immediately wanted to have Jun Xie give up on such a ludicrous notion.

The expression on Qing Yu’s face grew even more dismayed. He stared helplessly at Xiong Ba and said: “Chief, Young Master Jun has already finished with the competition.”

“Finished?” Xiong Ba looked Jun Xie up and down and then looked carefully at Lord Meh Meh in his arms, but he could not find a single wound or trace of injury on Lord Meh Meh’s body.

“Finished….. ten matches.” Qing Yu managed to complete his sentence, and did not forget to add: “Won all.”

“What?” Xiong Ba’s eyes flared wide open. The Spirit Beast Arena was a place he frequented often and although he was not allowed to compete as the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall’s Chief, but that did not stop him from spectating. The kind of battles carried out in the Spirit Beast Arena was something he had witnessed with his own eyes many times and those vicious and brutal battles could only be described as a running river of blood.

Tiny and little Spirit Beasts like the big eared rabbit and Lord Meh Meh without any “battle prowess” when put into the Spirit Beast Arena, would only find certain death.

And Qing Yu was telling him right at this moment that Jun Xie had not only competed but had won ten consecutive matches?

At that moment, Xiong Ba was having great trouble digesting the news he was hearing.

As a Clan Hall Chief of the Thousand Beast City, he knew a lot more about Spirit Beasts than most people. On their journey here, although he had not tried to decipher what kind of Spirit Beast Lord Meh Meh was, but with the fact that it was always circled within Jun Xie’s arms throughout the entire journey, always either grazing or sleeping. That Spirit Beast was just a pet whichever way you looked at it, and it could not possibly possess the slightest bit of battle might.

If such a Spirit Beast could achieve ten consecutive victories in the Spirit Beast Arena, then that would really be a miracle.

And now, the miracle was at that moment right before Xiong Ba’s eyes!

Jun Wu Xie looked expressionlessly at Xiong Ba’s shocked gaze and asked him highly nonchalantly: “You managed to see the Grand Chieftain?”

Xiong Ba quickly recovered when he realized this was not the right time to be discussing this topic and his expression of shock and conflict quickly evaporated and changed to one of the joy he had shown earlier.

“I did. The Grand Chieftain has agreed. He also said if there is anything you need, you need only ask.”

Jun Wu Xie nodded and said: “Not for the time being.”

She was not surprised that Qu Wen Hao would be persuaded. Afterall, the Thousand Beast City was in dire straits and anyone who could not tolerate everything that was happening would not be willing to give up on any chance they got.

“I’ll be going back to my room. Please have someone bring some hot water.” Jun Wu Xie said.

“Sure.” Xiong Ba agreed to the request with a deep guffaw.

When Jun Wu Xie was leaving, she did not forget to ask Qing Yu to bring the big eared rabbit to her room.

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