GDBBM – Chapter 959

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Chapter 959: “Thousand Beast City (5)”

“Forget it. Let’s not talk about all this. Our Young Miss has just returned and I need to report to the Grand Chieftain. Qing Yu, make arrangements for Young Master Jun to stay in the Fiery Blaze Hall. Young Master Jun, allow me to take my leave.” Having to deal with the impudent Lin Feng the moment he got back, Xiong Ba was feeling might displeased. Fortunately Jun Xie had not taken offense and that had made him feel a little more relieved.

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

Feng Yue Yang left to return to his residence while Xiong Ba escorted Qu Ling Yue to the Grand Chieftain’s residence , and Jun Wu Xie followed Qing Yu to enter the Fiery Blaze Hall.

Qing Yu was the Fiery Blaze’s Deputy Clan Hall Chief and although he was not comparable to someone who was thirty, forty years of age, he handled matters in a calm and composed manner, who well complimented and toned down the explosive Xiong Ba.

Led by Qing Yu, the members of the Fiery Blaze Clan very soon knew that a young guest had appeared in their Clan Hall, and they were cordial and friendly towards Jun Xie.

“Young Master Jun can reside in this room for this period. I will arrange for someone to send some food over and you can get some rest in the meantime. If there is anything you need, you will just need to tell any of our brothers within the Clan Hall.” Qing Yu said with a smile. In regards to the highly resourceful Jun Xie, he held Jun Xie in great esteem and admiration.

“Thank you.” Jun Wu Xie nodded.

Qing Yu left quickly after.

Jun Wu Xie sat down in the room and the little black cat naturally leapt up onto the table before her. Lord Meh Meh on the other hand, was rubbing itself against the side of Jun Wu Xie’s ankles instead.


[That rat called Lin Feng seems to hold great animosity against you.]

The little black cat stared at Jun Wu Xie as it licked its paws lazily. Even it had noticed the enmity Lin Feng held towards her.

“Don’t bother with him.” Jun Wu Xie did not even deem Lin Feng to be worth her notice and if Lin Feng did not aggravate her, she could not be bothered with him.


[What do you intend to do next?]

“Wait.” Jun Wu Xie said, her eyes narrowing.

In order to resolve the crisis the Thousand Beast City was facing, the only way to break out of it was to find the people they have abducted. Only after those people have been rescued, would the people from the Twelve Palaces no longer have a handle to be used as a threat upon the Thousand Beast City.

“Hua Yao and the others have been split up to go to several places outside the Thousand Beast City and according to what Qu Ling Yue said, at the end of the month, another batch of prisoners would be brought here to the Thousand Beast City while they will bring back the batch of people who have been released this month. Once they see those prisoners being brought in, Fei Yan and the others would know from which direction they came from and when they leave, they will be able to follow them.”

Before the enemy moved, Jun Wu Xie did not intend to alert the snake in the grass. She would just try to gather more clues from within the Thousand Beast City.

There was at least one point that she needed to ascertain now. And that was how many people from the Twelve Palaces were here in the Thousand Beast City and whether her companions and the Thousand Beast City would be able to take them on.


The little black cat swished its tail and did not say anything more.

From what it could see, Jun Wu Xie was playing a dangerous game at that moment. The prize if they were victorious was great, but at the same time, failure would similarly bring to them grave danger.

Xiong Ba led Qu Ling Yue towards the Grand Chieftain’s residence.

The current Grand Chieftain of the Thousand Beast City, Qu Wen Hao, was approximately fifty years of age, father to Qu Ling Yue. His face was pleasantly bright, his eyes penetrating and alive. If not for the two streaks of white hair at his temples, just judging from his countenance alone, one would place him at most to be thirty years old.

Qu Ling Yue had just stepped into the Grand Chieftain’s residence when Qu Wen Hao immediately came forward.

“Father!” The moment Qu Ling Yue saw her father, the taut string that had been stretched within her heart immediately loosened.

“Glad to have you back, glad to have you back.” Qu Wen Hao said, his pleasant and bright face revealing a comforted smile.


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