GDBBM – Chapter 950

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Chapter 950: “The Fifth Map (6)”

“Where did she keep the people she captured?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

Qu Ling Yue shook her head. “It is because we do not know where she had hidden the hostages that father is unable to rescue those people. Great Grandaunt had secretly abducted those people when father showed his unwillingness to continue with carrying out her orders and till today, no one knows where she has imprisoned our people.”

“Then how do you know that those people are still alive?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

“Great Grandaunt will release a batch of people back to the Thousand Beast City every month to see their family, showing that they are still safe. She releases a different batch of people every month and at the end of that month, they will be brought away again. If anyone among those people dares to secretly escape, then she will punish those people who are still imprisoned by killing them.” Whenever Qu Ling Yue remembered the Great Grandaunt’s vicious maliciousness, she would feel chills run through her bones. Her father had not wanted her to be dragged into all of that and had sent her to the War Banner Academy long ago. Although she seldom returned to the Thousand Beast City, at the times that she did, she would always see many things happening that chilled her heart.

“As my father’s child, but am unable to share my father’s burden, but can only continue to see him made to submit to others. I have been useless, I have worked very hard to raise my own spirit power, thinking to bring my mother and the others back….. But….. I am still too weak.” Qu Ling Yue said, her voice growing hoarse as she spoke.

Although she had achieved the War Banner Academy’s top rank in their own Spirit Tournament, she was still gravely inadequate, a cup of water before a burning cart in the face of a Purple Spirit, amounting to nothing!

Jun Wu Xie stared silently at Qu Ling Yue who was weeping softly behind her hands. From Qu Ling Yue’s sobs, she could feel the self admonishment and her refusal to submit.

The feeling one felt when the people most important to them were harmed by others, but due to themselves being too weak, they could do nothing but watch the tragedy unfold, unable to retaliate…..

Jun Wu Xie was no stranger to that.

Back in the most initial period in the Lin Palace, she had felt just like that.

Only difference was that she had been more fortunate then, as the opponents she faced were people from the Lower Realm, while Qu Ling Yue was faced with people from the Twelve Palaces of the Middle Realm!

The disparity between the Middle and Lower Realm was too great and it was completely beyond Qu Ling Yue to be able to turn the situation around.

Jun Wu Xie believed, that the Great Grandaunt that Qu Ling Yue mentioned, must have been roped in by the Twelve Palaces to go to the Middle Realm after she broke through to the Purple Spirit, and had subsequently been entrusted with the human skin map by the Twelve Palaces after that.

But just how hard hearted must one be, to be able to inflict such a blood filled conspiracy upon the people from her own family?

Jun Wu Xie’s brows creased up together and subconsciously thought of the prison in the past, that demonic devil, had also seemed to enjoy such methods as well.

“I can help you.” Jun Wu Xie said finally.

And at the instant that Jun Xie opened his mouth, Qu Ling Yue raised up her head in joy and delight, her face burning with hope, big teardrops running down her cheeks, but her eyes were clear and sparkling.

“Really? You will really help me?” Qu Ling Yue grasped at Jun Xie’s hand excitedly, so agitated that her hands started trembling.

She could think of no other ways anymore and witnessing Jun Wu Xie’s resourcefulness and intelligence had shown her a glimmer of hope.

Jun Wu Xie nodded her head slightly. Even without Qu Ling Yue’s request, when Fei Yan discovers that the Thousand Beast City had one of the maps, they would still make their way there regardless. And with Qu Ling Yue and Xiong Ba’s help, it should make it easier for them to get their hands on that fifth map.

“Thank you! Thank you!” Qu Ling Yue was so agitated she started crying again. Xiong Ba patted her on the shoulder comfortingly and at the same time, he threw Jun Xie an appreciative glance of gratitude..


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