GDBBM – Chapter 943

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Chapter 943: “Empress Dowager (2)”

Looking at the delicately attractive and petite sized youth in front of her, the Empress’ gaze fell upon the Ring of Imperial Fire upon Jun Xie’s hand.

“How are you related to Lei Qian?” The Empress Dowager asked gently.

Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

The Empress Dowager then asked: “This ring, belonged to the First Emperor’s Elder Brother, the Emperor of the Fire Country in his time, Lei Qian.”

“Since you came to possess this ring, you must be linked to him in some way. But no matter, the First Emperor’s Imperial Decree is here, and since you are the possessor of the Ring of Imperial Fire, then from this day onwards, you will be the Fire Country’s Emperor.”

Jun Wu Xie was just about to say something.

But the Empress Dowager continued on: “I know the Emperor had been guilty of quite a few wrongs that he had committed, and it is completely reasonable that you hold hatred against him. I do not plead for anything else from you, but to only ask that you spare him his life. Rest assured that henceforth, I will bring him back to my palace, and discipline his strictly, and will not allow him to create any more trouble for you.”

The Empress Dowager had abided by the First Emperor’s decree, but she could not bear to see her grandson’s life end just like this. She had been herself with Wen Yu and Qu Ling Yue in a secret room at the back of the main hall for a long while and everything single word that the Empress had said earlier, she had heard them all clearly.

“Sure.” Jun Wu Xie nodded her head. Killing someone off would be too easy for them, moreover she had not intended to take the Emperor’s life anyway. Instead of slicing a knife across his throat, it would be better that he was trapped within the Imperial Palace, and forced to witness the throne of the Emperor he valued the most, falling into the hands of the person he disliked the most, Lei Chen. The heart rending torment and the burning jealousy, would be hundred folds more agonizing for him!

“But, I need him to first hand over something to me.” Jun Wu Xie said, her eyes narrowing.

“What is it?” The Empress Dowager asked.

“A piece of human skin map.” Jun Wu Xie then replied.

The forlorn and despondent Emperor had suddenly stiffened his body when he heard Jun Wu Xie’s words, his eyes suddenly showing astonishment and disbelief.

And even for Wen Yu standing at the side, a strange glint had flashed in his eyes very briefly as well.

“Human skin map?” The Empress Dowager was obviously unaware of this as she looked down and asked the Emperor. “Do you have it? If you do, then hand it over.”

The Emperor shook his head vehemently and the fear showing on his fear was even more intense than earlier.

“Imperial Grandmother….. your Grandson cannot….. cannot hand that map to anyone! Or your grandson will die! Those people will definitely take your grandson’s live!” The Emperor’s voice had completely distored suddenly.

“Those people?” The Empress Dowager still did not understand.

The Emperor said sobbingly: “Imperial Grandmother, do you still remember how the First Emperor’s Elder Brother went missing?”

The Empress Dowager replied: “Elder Brother Lei Qian had suddenly wanted to bring some men to go to a place outside of the Fire Country, but no one had mentioned where he was going to. How is that linked to this matter?”

The Emperor then said: “It is exactly because of that map! That was why Lei Qian had gone missing! That map was found by your Grandson while I was sorting through the items Father had left behind. But not long after your Grandson had just found that map, several mysterious men suddenly appeared. They held extraordinary powers, all of them possessing Purple Spirits. They told your grandson that they gave that map to Lei Qian many years ago but the map was not complete. They had wanted Lei Qian to use the Fire Country’s might to help them complete the entire map and it was because Lei Qian had gone out to search for the place indicated on the map that he finally disappeared…..”

The Emperor was getting more fearful the more he spoke. Under the vast heavens, the things that could drive fear into the ruler of the mightiest country was few and far between. But the astounding power of those men caused the Emperor to fear even the thought of disobeying them!


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