GDBBM – Chapter 938

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Chapter 938: “Tenth Slap (2)”

Jun Wu Xie’s cold eyes swept over the Emperor’s face and she asked him softly: “What do you think?”

The Emperor’s body stiffened up, his eyes flashed as he stared at the messy chaos in the main hall. His Empress and his most trusted Court Official had betrayed him, and two of his sons there were not biologically his…..

Suddenly, the Emperor’s eyes went wide in shock and he slowly turned to look at Jun Wu Xie, when he suddenly sprung up from his throne!

“It’s you! You arranged all of this! Is that right! ?”

Jun Wu Xie did not refute him but nodded her head, completely unabashed.

The Emperor felt an icy chill shoot up his spine, his entire body suddenly went cold.

“What a venomous mind you have! Absolutely noxious! ! !”

Jun Wu Xie was however indifferent as she said: “Your Majesty, do not be mistaken. All of this is real. All I did was to merely dig out the truth that was hidden and show them to you. I exposed all these hidden plots and secret conspiracies in your harem for you, aren’t you intending to thank me at all?”

The Emperor’s rage suddenly got stuck in the middle of his chest and he had no answer to that as his hands started shivering while he stood frozen in his spot.

[Thank him?] [How can he expect him, the Emperor to thank him?]

The truth was horrendously ugly, suddenly upending and tearing apart his once stable life in an instant. His spouse, his children, his most trusted subordinate, had all betrayed him in one single day. And then, he had found out that he and his two sons would no longer be able to father any children. Every single revelation was a hard blow to him and any single one on its own would be too much for a man to take, and Jun Xie had exposed them all on the same day!

The Emperor was not given any warning or time to prepare himself, and just had just shoved the blood dripping truth into his face!

“Guards! Kill him now! Kill him!” At that very moment, the person the Emperor wanted to get rid of the most was not the Empress, not the Prime Minister, not Lei Fan as well, but Jun Xie!

The Imperial Guards in the main hall suddenly managed to regain their senses when they heard the Emperor’s roar and the all charged uniformly at Jun Xie standing behind Drunk Lotus.

Jun Wu Xie looked on calm and composed at all that was happening. Suddenly, she pulled out a white ball and threw it at the charging Imperial Army Guards!

The white spherical ball suddenly exploded into a blinding flare of light. The light expanded and grew, gradually reaching epic proportions!

The flare of blinding light then faded away.

A gigantic and unbelievably humongous pure white Spirit Beast suddenly manifested within the main hall! Its height was astounding tall as its body forcibly broke through the Imperial Palace’s main hall’s roof!

A rain of rubble and loose stones fell from high above, falling onto the Imperial Guards around it. Its colossal sized body had suddenly formed an impassable barrier, between the Imperial Guards and Jun Xie!

The Imperial Guards were startled to see such a huge Spirit Beast before their eyes, as the hands gripped around their blades began to tremble.

They had never seen such an incredibly huge Spirit Beast before!

Lord Meh Meh appeared in its original form and it shifted its humongous body slightly. In a blink, Lord Meh Meh’s highly nimble and amazingly fast tails had quickly plucked out all the Imperial Guards from the main hall!

Howls tore through the air! Lord Meh Meh then quickly went out of the main hall and stood guard outside in front of the doors, keeping all the Imperial Guards from entering the main hall a single step!

The Emperor stared with his mouth agape at the gigantic Spirit Beast, unable to believe what his eyes were seeing. More than a hundred Imperial Spirit Guards and they were all forced out of the main hall in a blink. Within the main hall at that moment, besides Yuan Biao whom Drunk Lotus had injured and was still sprawled upon the ground, there wasn’t another single Imperial Guard inside.

“Jun Xie! What do you actually want to do? Don’t tell me you intend to assassinate me, the Emperor of the Fire Country?” Seeing that all the people he had relied on for protection now all disappeared, the Emperor’s face had turned highly pale!


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