GDBBM – Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: “Second Slap (1)”

“By now, the Imperial Doctors should have verified it’s authenticity and sent it to His Majesty.” Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes, watching the paled and stiffened face of Bai Yun Xian.

Bai Yun Xian’s stood lips trembling, body reeling from the shock.

Mo Xuan Fei’s face darkened, he never would have imagined, Jun Wu Xie hid such a hand!

Several bottles of Jade Dew pills have already been gifted to His Majesty when Bai Yun Xian first arrived in the Kingdom of Qi. Any medication taken by the Emperor, has to be ascertained by the Imperial Doctors to be safe, before it can reach him. The Imperial Doctors might not be able to replicate the myriad of medicines passing through their hands, but they can easily determine their properties.

Mo Xuan Fei had intended for Bai Yun Xian to declare the pills to be fake,  rendering Jun Wu Xie unable to refute. After all, no one will believe a nobody like Jun Wu Xie, over the words of a disciple of the esteemed Qing Yun Clan.  

No one could have thought, Jun Wu Xie had prepared her hand so well against the treachery, before the pill verification.  

Being in the hands of the Emperor, the Jade Dew pills gifted by Bai Yun Xian must have passed through the Imperial Doctors, who have checked on their properties and content. Having them verify if these pills here are the same will be easy to ascertain.

Judging from Bai Yun Xian’s reaction, Mo Xuan Fei can guess that the Jade Dew pills Jun Wu Xie brought are genuine!

When did Jun Wu Xie become so intelligent?

Mo Qian Yuan watched this scene unfold from the sidelines, heaved a sigh of relief, a hint of a smile as the ends of his mouth curled up, watching Jun Wu Xie intently.

This seemingly young, quiet girl, is more capable than she seems!

Jun Wu Xie could have asked Bai Yun Xian to send the pills to the Imperial Doctors for verification, but she held back, luring Bai Yun Xian to declare the pills were fake, before she revealed she sent the bottle to the Emperor.

When it was found out that the Imperial Doctors had ascertained the authenticity of the Jade Dew pills, and Bai Yun Xian could not, it could only mean that she lacked the ability to ascertain, or she harbours ill will and deliberately made a false declaration!

What is said cannot be undone, this stroke of genius from Jun Wu Xie is equivalent to a slap on the face of Bai Yun Xian.

A resounding slap!

With a single move, Jun Wu Xie has Bai Yun Xian slapped senseless, and pinned down Mo Xuan Fei.

He looked upon Jun Wu Xie in disbelief, a stranger to him.

Is this not the fawning girl who followed behind yearning and craving attention? Or the boorish, rude and mindless idiot?

Why does the Jun Wu Xie here feels so unfamiliar, so distant?

He had thought, Jun Wu Xie’s cold and aloof manner to him was due to her being abandoned over Bai Yun Xian, and in an attempt to catch his attention, she imitated the cold mannerisms of Bai Yun Xian, thinking that he liked that about her. It is clear now, it was just all wishful thinking on his part.

The Jun Wu Xie of the past, does not even know medicine, let alone making Jade Dew pills. Hiding her hand, by secretly sending the pills to the Emperor, the Jun Wu Xie he knew should not have been capable of such!

Now, in this situation, it feels like slaps across the face of Mo Xuan Fei, knocking him off his pedestal of arrogance, and driving the despair of defeat deep into him.  


He will not allow that to happen!

“Jun Wu Xie, that was wilful of you, how can you send that to my Imperial Father, the Emperor? It might poison him! Yun Xian, come with me to pay a visit to my father, we cannot let anything happen to him.” Mo Xuan Fei was not being magnanimous as he pulled Bai Yun Xian by the hand and hurried out the door.

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