GDBBM – Chapter 683

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Chapter 683: “Return Journey (1)”

At that moment, Jun Wu Xie wasn’t feeling the least bit discouraged even with all that had happened and she just wanted to see the clear skies above and feel the warm sunrays shining upon her.

It wasn’t until the glare from the sun was hurting her eyes that Jun Wu Xie finally turned away and lowered her head to look at the silver ring she wore on her finger.

Under the strong sun, the silver ring reflected the light brightly.

Riding once again on the horse carriage, it felt as if it was a lifetime ago since they rode it last.

The first day on the horse carriage, everyone leaned heavily against the side of the carriage and fell into deep sleep. With the absence of the nagging feelings of dangers and insecurity, the companions could finally found peaceful sleep.

The incessant rocking and even the jolts of the horse carriage as it went over the bumps did not interrupt the companions’ rest, all of them remained in their blissful dreams.

In the days that followed, Jun Wu Xie did not stop with her attempts at raising her spirit power to the purple spirit level and with Qiao Chu and the others guiding her from the side, she progressed swimmingly and quickly grasped all the most critical point of her new ability.

But there was one thing, although Jun Wu Xie was able to temporarily raise her spirit power to gain the might of a purple spirit, the period she was able to maintain in that state was extremely short.

To raise her level to reach the purple spirit, she would need to burn all the spirit power within her at her fastest rate, pushing the raging spirit power to immediately breakthrough the different level constraints. The resulting drain from the all out effort however, did not allow her to sustain it for too long.

The length of time where one could temporarily raise their spirit powers to achieve the purple spirit level was based entirely on the person’s original amount of spirit power. If he was merely a red spirit, even if he managed to raise it up, he would last one minute at most. If an indigo spirit user were to raise his spirit power to the purple level, it would be much easier and he would be able to remain in that state for a much longer period of time.

Like in the instance of Qiao Chu and the others, they were currently in the region of a blue spirit level and they were able to remain in their purple spirit state for about forty over minutes. Jun Wu Xie was now only at the yellow spirit level and she was only able to maintain it for about ten minutes.

Ten minutes, would sound to be an incredibly short period of time. But properly employed at the most critical times, it could very well turn the tables completely!

It was as good as saying that as long as Jun Wu Xie did not meet anyone from the Middle Realm to be her opponent, she stood a good chance of winning even if the opponent was a indigo spirit user!

All along the return journey, everyone was conspicuously more subdued as compared to when they had come. Fei Yan was always plotting and drawing out a map of the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff. Although he did not have a full picture of the entire place, he was however still able to draw and mark out the places they had passed based on memory.

Rong Ruo was always engaged with Jun Wu Xie, clearing up any doubts that Jun Wu Xie might have towards the ability of raising spirit powers, while Fan Zhuo had not once let go of Lord Meh Meh who was still drifting in and out of consciousness.

After sustaining such severe injuries, Lord Meh Meh was in a drastically bad shape. If Jun Wu Xie had not unselfishly piled all types of elixirs she had in her possession to save it, Lord Meh Meh might not have made it through till today.

But even when that was the case, its current condition was still not entirely encouraging to see. Extreme weakness had caused Lord Meh Meh to be unable to even utter a soundand it had till today, still been unable to even stand upright. Its burnt flesh had turned a little hard and any careless or slightly bigger movements would cause the skin to split. Jun Wu Xie had patiently applied the salve she had prepared specifically for Lord Meh Meh every time, but to properly cure the condition, she needed to wait till they got back to the little bamboo grove and use the stock of herbs there to produce other kinds of medicine.

As Lord Meh Meh was still unable to stand, Jun Wu Xie carried it out from the carriage everyday, to let Lord Meh Meh graze on the grass upon the ground.

The always greedy Lord Meh Meh couldn’t even lift its spirits while it grazed on the fresh green grass. As its entire body was badly burnt, even opening its mouth to chew on the grass was a big torture for it. Just opening its mouth slightly wider would cause its mouth to tear and the pain made eating a simply agonising task.

Jun Wu Xie noticed all of it and her heart wrenched to see Lord Meh Meh in that state. Finally, Drunk Lotus produced some fresh lotus leaves and he tore them up into little bits, before feeding them slowly into Lord Meh Meh’s mouth.

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