GDBBM – Chapter 634

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Chapter 634: “Coming to Chan Lin Town Again (4)”

Witnessing Jun Wu Xie’s strong arm methods, Qiao Chu almost fell onto his knees.

When it came to Jun Wu Xie, no matter whether she was saving someone, or helping someone out, her methods were always overly domineering. If the recipient of her help was someone practical and straight laced, they might just very well misunderstand her kind intentions, and come to hate her for it instead.

“Young….. Young Master Jun….. What….. What do you….. mean…..?” Mu Qian Fan’s hands, which were holding the sack of money, were trembling visibly, his mind a complete blank.

“My surname is Jun.” Jun Wu Xie said simply as she stared at Mu Qian Fan.

Mu Qian Fan’s mind exploded in realisation at that moment!

Everyone knew that the command of the Rui Lin Army was in the hands of the Jun Family of the Lin Palace!

[Jun Xie’s surname was Jun, and he was asking him to report to the Lin Palace…..] [Did that not mean…..]

“Young Master Jun, do you really mean it?” Mu Qian Fan trembling spread throughout his entire body, as an unbelievable joy filled his heart.

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

“The Rui Lin Army accepts only men of loyalty.”

Mu Qian Fan’s loyal and unwavering friendship had proven to Jun Wu Xie that he possessed the qualities to join the Rui Lin Army. And the fact that he had made it back from the Heaven’s End Cliff also proved that his skills were above average. Moreover, Jun Wu Xie did not wish to see a man that she had spent effort on saving continue to live in such a tattered and dilapidated place.

If Mu Qian Fan was to be her patient, she would not allow him to be in such dire straits.

Mu Qian Fan suddenly fell to his knees, and prostrated himself before Jun Wu Xie, before he proceeded to knock his head on the ground with three loud thuds in gratitude.

“I, Mu Qian Fan, would throughout this life, live under Young Master Jun’s orders. I have been lucky to have gained Young Master Jun’s trust and I will repay it with all I have!”

Jun Wu Xie had not only saved his life, but had also given him a bright future.

Adventurers toil throughout their lives, just for that bit of money to scrap out a living while constantly putting their lives at risk. Mu Qian Fan’s brothers in arms had all died and if he was to go back to his old trade, he would be moving out on his own, where his exposure to the dangers to adventurers, would all be borne by him alone!

Mu Qian Fan had never in his life ever thought, that he would one day be able to join the Rui Lin Army!

Irregardless whether he would just be a mere foot soldier, or even just doing odd jobs in the army, it would still be an unbelievable blessing bestowed upon him!

“Get up.” Jun Wu Xie said coldly.

Mu Qian Fan stood up, with tears in his eyes.

“To join the Rui Lin Army, your body’s current condition will not do. Follow me.” Jun Wu Xie said, her eyes surveying Mu Qian Fan. The injuries to his body might have been suppressed after applying the medicine she gave previously, but she knew that medicine would not be able to completely cure him.

Mu Qian Fan quickly recovered. Whatever Jun Wu Xie told him, he carried it out to the letter.

After following Jun Wu Xie back to the inn, Jun Wu Xie handed Mu Qian Fan the elixirs she had cultivated for him. It was made to specifically counter the poison in Mu Qian Fan’s body. It would take another 2 weeks before the poison in Mu Qian Fan’s body could be completely cleared.

After thanking Jun Wu Xie repeatedly, Mu Qian Fan swallowed the elixir.

Qiao Chu and the others sat around in the room, watching Mu Qian Fan shedding endless tears of gratitude before Jun Wu Xie and their eyes were clearly tinged with amusement.

“I’ll say….. Where did Little Xie get this habit of going all around to gather all sorts of people to stuff into the Lin Palace?” Qiao Chu asked wickedly of Hua Yao, his leg crossed in a boorish manner on the chair.

It had been the same for Yin Yan as well. He had deserved to die, but Jun Wu Xie had fearlessly made Long Qi bring him back to the Lin Palace. This time, Mu Qian Fan had become the next to be thrown to the Lin Palace, in addition to Mu Chen and the disciples of the Cloud Treading Peak who were hustled into working for the Lin Palace, Qiao Chu could only think that Jun Wu Xie was really working tirelessly to increase the power and arsenal of skills of the Lin Palace.

As long as they were of use, without considering their birth or background, she would not hesitate to shove them into the hands of the Lin Palace!

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