GDBBM – Chapter 602

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Chapter 602: “Seventh Slap (9)”

One of Jun Wu Xie’s eyebrow raised as she looked at Ning Xin putting up her last struggles.

Yin Yan fell back sitting on the floor, his face filled with despair and disbelief. He stared at Ning Xin blankly, looking like he had not known Ning Xin before.

Was this girl before his eyes, who seemed to be almost losing her mind, really Senior Ning, who had once pulled him back from the abyss?

Every word that Ning Xin uttered with her accusation, was really driving Yin Yan to tip over the edge.

At that moment, Long Qi saw the look in Jun Wu Xie’s eyes and he strode one big step forward and reached out his hand, wanting to grab Yin Yan.

Yin Yan quickly snapped back to his senses and backpedaled with all four of his limbs.

“It wasn’t me! It’s not me! Senior Ning, why are you doing this to me? I have always obediently listened to you. You had wanted me to go around and spread vicious rumours about Jun Xie, and then asked me to encourage Li Zi Mu to smear Jun Xie’s name, I did everything as you told me to do! Thereafter, you had asked me to make use of Jun Xie’s detested name to discredit Fan Jin, which I carried out as you said as well! Why would you do this to me now! ? I have been absolutely loyal to you all this time!” Yin Yan was overwhelmed by the horror he felt at that moment and he carelessly spilled everything about Ning Xin giving him orders to carry out all those misdeeds.

He was afraid, he was deeply afraid. Back at the Battle Spirits Forest, his had completely lost his nerve. After returning back to the Zephyr Academy, he found that he had completely lost his courage. Everytime he saw Jun Xie, he had found himself completely overcome in indescribable fear.

Long Qi was standing right before his eyes, and he looked absolutely terrifying. Yin Yan had no doubt that if he did not try to defend himself from the accusation, that towering giant of a man would most definitely kill him!

“It was plainly you….. You were the one that wanted to get rid of Fan Jin, you were the one that wanted the men from the Rui Lin Army and the Cloud Treading Peak killed. I had nothing to do with it. I was just following your orders.”

Ning Rui had known the very moment that Ning Xin pushed all the blame onto Yin Yan, that that was a great mistake. But he was not given the time to stop it and Yin Yan who was completely gripped by fear started to reveal every detail.

Ning Rui quickly turned paled at that moment!

It’s over! Everything’s over!

After Yin Yan was made to completely everything, he wouldn’t be able to save Ning Xin anymore!

Yin Yan’s words had not only caused the Ning father and daughter’s faces to turn ashen, but it almost caused Fan Qi, who had tried so hard to protect them, to fall a step back in shock.

“Wha….. What did you just say….. get rid of Fan Jin….. What is really happening! ?” Fan Qi stared at Yin Yan, his entire body suddenly trembling.

Yin Yan knew that he and Ning Xin now were already irreconcilable and if he continued to help her hide the truth, he would be the one that would be killed. He quickly crawled and scrambled to come beside Fan Qi’s feet and wailed: “It’s Ning Xin! ! Ning Xin was jealous of Senior Fan! Ever since Jun Xie had been admitted into the academy, she had continued to spread vicious rumours about him. She wanted to use the rumours surrounding Jun Xie to drag Senior Fan into the mud together! During the Spirit Hunt, she had even arranged for people to attempt to kill Senior Fan! Headmaster! I will talk! I will tell you everything! Please spare me my life, I was bewitched by Ning Xin! Do you believe that a mere ordinary disciple like me would be able to carry out such a brutal and crazy deed! ?”

Fan Qi looked up, his eyes aggrieved and in pure disbelief, as his gaze turned to Ning Xin.

It could be said that he had watched Ning Xin grow from a baby into the blossoming lady today. She and Fan Zhuo had been close in age and they had been betrothed to each other from a young age. All this time, Fan Qi had always treated Ning Xin just like he would his own daughter. Hence, such thoughts had never crossed his mind once.

Ning Xin was actually so jealous of Fan Jin that it had grown into hatred. And she had even gone to the extent of making an attempt on Fan Jin’s life!

“Little Jin, is what he is saying….. really true…..” Fan Qi could not believe everything that was happening. He could only turn his head back and look at his son, who was remaining stoically silent.


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  1. Nickson Tan says:

    This is like watching a 5 minute video of a great monumental building being demolished with explosives but advertisements appearing every 30 seconds that lasts for a few hours and you cant skip it….


    Hoping for a reveal of Jun Wu Xie as Jun Xie to tbe crowd
    Though it seems to be like 99.99% impossible….
    As it clearly reveals her whereabouts and close relation to the Rui Lin army to possible Middle Realm enemies

    Though there will definitely be a private reveal behind closed doors for the ultimate slap between ning xin and jun wu xie as she despair over everything before she dies

  2. admiralen says:

    Of course el retardo Fan Jin didnt even tell his dad this stuff before…
    “Hurr durr, its not worth telling someone something if theres a chance they wont believe it”

    • TheMoncrief says:

      It’s not worth pitting the trust the person has for you against the trust they have for somebody else when you don’t have evidence, because if they don’t believe you, you will have damaged their trust for you and they may not believe you even later when you do have evidence.

      I mean, Fan Jin is an idiot, but he actually made the right decision, or at the least his reasoning is not pure idiocy. Nobody understand’s Fan Qi better than the son who thinks just like him, I suppose.

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