GDBBM – Chapter 588

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Chapter 588: “Slapping the Mob (6)”

They would never have dreamed that the lone disciple that was acknowledged by Gu Li Sheng himself would actually be Jun Xie!

The disciple that had been branded a despicable youth the very first day he had been admitted into the Zephyr Academy!

And all the curses that Jun Xie had suffered under had all started from the Spirit Healing faculty itself!

But now, the sudden turn of events had changed everything dramatically and all the disciples could not believe it.

How….. was all of it possible?

“All this time, the disciple that I handpicked personally had only been Jun Xie, and Jun Xie alone. I had thought that I had found myself the most suitable disciple, but never did I expect to find a monstrous prodigy that I could not help but admire. Jun Xie had only needed barely two hours to fully and completely grasp the concepts behind the Spirit Healing Technique and was even able to suggest ways to improve the technique.” As Gu Li Sheng spoke, his face was filled with an expression of utmost pride.

“The Spirit Healing Technique is a matter of grave importance. In order to allow Jun Xie the time and space to complete his work on improving the technique, and to prevent anyone with ulterior motives to cause him any harm, I had no other choice at that time but to temporarily release him from the Spirit Healer faculty. To avoid raising any unwanted suspicions, another freshman was randomly picked to fill up the vacancy left by Jun Xie’s temporary departure. All these changes were carried out with the Headmaster’s prior approval and I had clearly explained it to the newly selected disciple. To avoid exposing Jun Xie, I had always told everyone else that it had all just been a big misunderstanding.”
When Gu Li Sheng finished, his brow creased up alarmingly, his tone of voice lost the gentleness that was present just moments before, and his gaze grew sharp as he swept his eyes over the gathered disciples of the Zephyr Academy before he said: “But the one thing that I had not expected, was how foolish the disciples of our Zephyr Academy had shown themselves to be. You were so easily convinced of those malicious and unfounded rumours others spread, and went on to repeatedly accuse and wound Jun Xie, which greatly disappointed me. The truth of the whole matter is known to me and known by the Headmaster as well. Right from the start, Jun Xie had never attempted or intended to steal anyone’s position as that position had been his right from the start! Jun Xie was the one that had asked to be released from that position which opened up an otherwise unavailable opportunity to others. All of you did not bother about the truth and without having witnessed it, you believed those vicious rumours as the truth. The curses and admonishments all of you threw at Jun Xie thereafter had truly blemished the prestigious name of the Zephyr Academy!”

Gu Li Sheng’s strongly worded speech completely shattered all the various poisonous rumours surrounding Jun Xie all this time! And it had inadvertently given one hard slap to all those disciples who had hurled all those groundless accusations at Jun Xie!
Gu Li Sheng’s words, made all the youths before him fall silent, unable to offer a single word of retort.

Fan Qi, who had not said a single word stepped forward at that moment. He gave out a big sigh before he said: “I can bear witness that every single word Gu Li Sheng said today is nothing but the truth. In the beginning, when he spoke to me about the matter, I was completely shocked. I could not believe that a mere fourteen year old youth could surpass Gu Li Sheng’s understanding of the Spirit Healing Technique. But I knew that Gu Li Sheng, as the founder of the Spirit Healing Technique, treated everything associated to the technique like his own child and would never joke about it. I trusted in his eye in recognising talent and I trusted in his judgement then. And now, the facts prove that I was not wrong about Gu Li Sheng, and Gu Li Sheng was right about Jun Xie.”

When that was mentioned, Gu Li Sheng paused a moment and began to say: “It was just recently, and I do not know who is the person responsible for it, but that person had suddenly wanted to investigate into the cause of Li Zi Mu’s death, which suddenly threw up another round of vicious rumours to be spread within the whole academy. And in order to present to all of you the real truth of the matter, I personally initiated an investigation into it. Li Zi Mu was ascertained to have been killed by a Spirit Beast as the mortal wound on his body was seen to have been caused by the claws and fangs of a ferocious beast, and not by human hands. And it is obvious, as right before your eyes now, all of you can see that the target of all your suspicions right here. His beastial ring spirit is only a tiny palm sized little black cat. May I ask all of you here, how could a puny little cat like this break the neck of a full grown youth in his teens with a single bite?”

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