GDBBM – Chapter 572

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Chapter 572: “A Killer Youth (4)”

But Jun Wu Xie had the slight feeling that that youth was stronger than Qiao Chu and the others and that the other three men behind the youth were not weaker than the youth.

The sudden appearance of four powerful characters had forced her to practice a little more caution and to be careful in dealing with them.

Why had these people from the Middle Realm appeared here in the tiny Chan Lin Town for no good reason?

“You can’t really call them purple spirits.” Hua Yao explained, his face in a frown: “It’s just that people from the Middle Realm possess a unique method that allows them to amplify their powers to a state where they are at a purple spirit level. But that method does not allow us to maintain in that state for long periods. As our spiritual powers increase and develop, that period allowed to us will also be extended, and gradually attain a true purple spirit.”

The reason that the Middle Realm was mightier than the Lower Realm was because once their ring spirits awoke, they would already be able to employ the powers of a purple spirit.

The fact that four men from the Middle Realm had suddenly and mysteriously appeared forced Hua Yao and the other companions to be doubly cautious. In the Cloudy Peaks the previous time, they had encountered only two of them and that had nearly cost them their lives if not for Ye Sha’s selfless sacrifice.

This time, there were four of them. Although they could not ascertain whether they were from any of the Twelve Palaces, they knew they could not afford to make a single wrong move.

He Chang Le had never in his dreams expected that the auction which had been at a new peak of fervor never seen before to suddenly end in such a way.

The auction could not continue and was stopped in the middle. He Chang Le’s face was pale as he quickly got people to properly clean up the place and remove the bodies.

When Jun Wu Xie and her companions were leaving, He Chang Le had escorted them as he forcibly put up a false front of bravado, but it was not difficult to sense the despair he was in his heart that he was trying futilely to hide.

After such a bloody incident, he was not able to determine whether the auction by the Chan Lin Auction House this time was a success or a flop.

But after this auction, the youth and the other three men with him had suddenly seemed to have disappeared into thin air and they never appeared again ever since.

That night, Hua Yao disguised himself once again and made his way to the Chan Lin Auction House. He only received the sum of money for the successful auction of the elixirs and due to the interruption caused by the youth, which suddenly brought the auction to come to a sudden end in the middle. Although all the elixirs were auctioned off, a batch of spirit stones were left and they agreed to leave them there for the next auction.

When Hua Yao saw He Chang Le at the auction house, his face was still very pale. But he still did not forget to discuss about furthering their cooperation. He Chang Le fully waived off the commission for the items auctioned off this time and handed the full sum received for the elixirs to Hua Yao. He only asked for Hua Yao’s continued support with his elixirs to forge a long term partnership and he promised to get Hua Yao a satisfactory price for all of them.

Hua Yao replied that he needed to go back and discuss it a little and will come back with a reply. He Chang Le did not push it further. The mess in today’s auction had been a big headache for him and if he had initially intended to convince Hua Yao to continue to supply the Chan Lin Auction House with their elixirs to boost the fame and reputation of their auction house, he suddenly found himself reduced to being more anxious to salvage their reputation instead…..

Such a horrifying murder to have occurred in the midst of an auction, and more than ten men were killed. It was a big blow to the Chan Lin Auction House and he did not know if they would survive it.

If immediate measures were not taken to try to remedy the situation, the auction house might not be able to continue.

He Chang Le had to place his hope on the man who had brought them the unprecedented crowd with his elixirs.

Hua Yao relayed He Chang Le’s interest in a cooperation to Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Xie immediately agreed without a moment’s hesitation.

He Chang Le’s thoughts coincidentally matched with hers.

She needed money, and He Chang Le needed to repair and reinstate the Chan Lin Auction House’s reputation. They were just working together, to satisfy their own individual needs.

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