GDBBM – Chapter 548

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Chapter 548: “Mysterious Black Stone (5)”

Men from the Chan Lin Auction House carried the black piece of rock off the stage smiling. Jun Wu Xie paid up the money and would collect the item only after the auction.

Thereafter, the excited atmosphere came back to the auction house. Precious items big and small were brought up onto the stage one after another and wave after wave of intense bidding wars were carried out.

None of the items that were brought out after the rock interested the six companions. The exciting atmosphere brought about by Jun Wu Xie’s swift and decisive splurge had died down. People who were waiting to see “the fool and his money part” once more were left disappointed.

Another hour went by and the auction came to a fulfilling close. Every single item was auctioned off and none remained.

Many people departed satisfied, leaving with their trophies they had won in their arms.

As Jun Wu Xie had won a “big” item, she had to wait till she was the last one before the men from the auction house carried the Black Jade Stone out.

Accompanying the men, another middle aged man dressed in a brocade robe came towards them.

“Good evening everyone, I am the owner of the Chan Lin Auction House, and my name is He Chang Le. I do not find any of our esteemed customers’ faces familiar, is this your first time here at the Chan Lin Auction House?” He Chang Le welcomed the companions with laughter and his eyes smiling as he surveyed the group of extremely good looking youths, with an exceptional air surrounding them.

Jun Wu Xie nodded, seemingly not entirely interested in chatting with He Chang Le.

Undaunted, He Chang Le persisted by saying: “Since you are our new customers, and your first bid was so generous, as the owner of the Chan Lin Auction House, I would like to gift to you an emblem we reserve only for our most distinguished guests.” As he spoke, Chang Le pulled out a palm sized, gold gilded emblem. Two characters, “Chan Lin” were carved on the emblem.

“With this emblem, all of you, as our esteemed customers, would be able to gain direct entry to our private rooms when you come back to the Chan Lin Auction House, with no extra charges.”

Jun Wu Xie took one glance at He Chang Le and motioned to Qiao Chu with a wave of her hand. Qiao Chu immediately went forward to accept the emblem.

Having spent three hundred thousand at the auction, Qiao Chu’s heart was still wincing in pain. At least, with this emblem, they would not have to pay for a private room anymore next time and he was glad to accept it.

Seeing that Jun Wu Xie was willing to accept his gesture of goodwill, He Chang Le smiled as he said: “To be honest, for bidding on the piece of black rock today, our Young Master has greatly helped a friend of mine. If our Young Master does not mind it, that friend of mine would like to meet you, and thank you personally.”

Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow and before she opened her mouth to reply, Hua Yao took the lead to say: “If it’s sincere, let him come.”

He Chang Le nodded, and turned to fetch his friend.

Hua Yao took a step back and whispered beside Jun Wu Xie’s ear: “Black Silver is not something you can find in the Lower Realm but only in the Middle Realm. That piece of Black Jade Stone should not even be here. If that piece of Black Jade Stone is really from the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff, that place must be holding some secrets.”

How did something that could only be found in the Middle Realm come to appear in the Lower Realm?

Jun Wu Xie was able to immediately make a good guess.

Hua Yao and the others must be suspecting that the Black Jade Stone was somehow linked to the Dark Emperor’s tomb.

Having thought that, Jun Wu Xie need not say anything more, but…..

Hua Yao said Black Silver did not exist in the Lower Realm, so how did Fan Zhuo know about it?

Jun Wu Xie clearly remembered that Fan Zhuo was the first one to recognise that piece of rock to be Black Jade Stone, and he was also the one who said that Black Silver could be extracted from Black Jade Stone. How was it that Fan Zhuo would be so familiar with Black Jade Stone that existed only in the Middle Realm?

Jun Wu Xie frowned as she pondered on it. She sneaked a glance at Fan Zhuo and saw that he was staring at the Black Jade Stone with great interest, seemingly not to have heard the conversation between Hua Yao and her.

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