GDBBM – Chapter 366

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Chapter 366:”Rise of the East Wing (1)”

He Qiu Sheng’s rage visibly showed on his face and his eyes were aflame as he stared at Yan Bu Gui and his disciples.

“Yan Bu Gui! You still owe the academy their fees and you indulge in your disciples’ violence!? And you can still sit here drinking wine leisurely!?”

The viciously berated Yan Bu Gui gripped at the wine jar in his hand and smiled weakly. Wine? Where would he find money to buy wine? The wine jar was filled with water and the faint wine’s fragrance was just the smell that had seeped deep into the wine jar.

But Yan Bu Gui was not about to give himself any excuses.

“It’s Qiu Sheng I see, what brought you to our East Wing here today? Do you want to come in and take a seat?” Yan Bu Gui asked smiling.

The look Yan Bu Gui gave was almost grovelling but Qiao Chu and the others who knew the real reason why he discarded his pride only felt all the more bitter.

If it was not for the four disciples that dragged him down and kept his hands tied, with Yan Bu Gui’s strong spiritual powers, he would be able to live a life of luxury anywhere he chose in the Lower Realm.

“You seem to be taking it real easy. Let me tell you Yan Bu Gui! If you do not give me a satisfactory answer about this, even if the headmaster spares you, you and me will remain irreconcilable! You think I would even bother to step anywhere near this dump of yours? If it was not for the headmaster’s summons for you to go to him, I wouldn’t want to dirty my shoes by coming here!” He Qiu Sheng’s attitude was an exact replica of his head disciple’s. In their eyes, the East Wing only housed a gaggle of beggars that refused to leave, sponged on the Phoenix Academy as freeloaders, were all weak and useless, and played dumb and extorted the headmaster.

Yan Bu Gui was at a loss. He might have been able to smooth over some other situations, but now that he faced the accusation of his disciples injuring He Qiu Sheng’s disciples, the situation was getting rather tricky. If he remembered it right, most of He Qiu Sheng’s disciples might be completely lacking in talents, but they made up the group that held the highest “gold value” among the all the disciples of the Phoenix Academy. It was estimated that almost half of the Phoenix Academy’s funds, came from the families of the South Wing disciples.

“If you don’t like it here, then scram.” Suddenly, a cold voice broke He Qiu Sheng litany.

He Qiu Sheng’s eyes narrowed and he turned to the source of that voice.

He only saw a small petite youth, who was staring coldly right at him.

“Who do you think you are!? How dare you speak to me in that manner!?” He Qiu Sheng was now quivering with rage. He never would have imagined that a mere disciple in the East Wing would dare to humiliate him like that.

Jun Wu Xie lifted her chin and continued staring coldly at He Qiu Sheng.

“Disciple of the East Wing, Jun Xie.”

“I see! You are the little beggar they just picked up! You have sponged on the Phoenix Academy long enough and we have yet to settle the bill with you! And furthermore, you actually had the audacity to beat up my disciple!” Once He Qiu Sheng heard that name, he knew that that was the culprit in the East Wing who had beat up his disciple so badly that he could not even get out of bed. He exploded at that moment and strode menacingly towards Jun Xie, raising his hand, intending to teach the little brat a lesson.

However, before that hand could lower down, it found its wrist tightly bound by the iron grip of Yan Bu Gui.

“He Qiu Sheng, my disciples are not people you can touch just because you want to.” Yan Bu Gui’s eyes had suddenly turned steely. Jun Wu Xie’s words had struck a chord within him and he had not stopped thinking about it. Those words had brought a change in that strong heart.

When it was just targeted at him, he could tolerate it, he would concede to it, even when it humiliated him. But he would never allow anyone to lay a finger on his disciples!

That was the first time He Qiu Sheng saw those eyes on Yan Bu Gui. It was just a single look, and He Qiu Sheng paled immediately.

All this time, the drunkard had never retaliated to any of his endless provocations and humiliations. But today, those steely eyes had unnerved He Qiu Sheng and that had quickly stopped his intimidation of the puny and weak boy.

“You! That’s great! Yan Bu Gui, that’s just great! You would shield the little brat to such an extent. Let us bring him to see the headmaster together. Let the headmaster see for himself what kind of trash your beggars’ den is harbouring nowadays!” As if he had suffered unbelievable injustice, he raged as he drew his hand back and continued with his shouting tirade.


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