GDBBM – Chapter 356

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Chapter 356: “I’m Here Now (5)”

“Before that is achieved Wu Xie, you cannot go back.” Jun Wu Yao said suddenly.

Jun Wu Xie raised her head to look at Jun Wu Yao. When Jun Wu Yao had said go back, he had meant the Lin Palace!

She can’t go back?


“Your soul is no longer complete. You must have used an attack that utilised and burned up your soul. If your opponent still lives, he can use that piece of your soul and trace it back to you and find out your location.” Jun Wu Yao explained in all seriousness as he looked at Jun Wu Xie. He had not expected Jun Wu Xie to use her own soul to carry out an attack, as the price for such an attack carried too heavy a price.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes widened in surprise.

When she had used her soul to strike at the opponent with the black beast, she had fully intended to kill him with it. If Little Lotus had not forcibly intervened, she might have perished together with the little black cat and the white robed man. Due to the forced termination of her attack where she burned her soul to achieve, it was possible that she might have left bits of her soul within the body of the white robed man.

Had he died then?

Jun Wu Xie could not be certain. Although Ye Sha had dealt a devastating and deadly blow to the white robed man that day, when it came to the people of the Middle Realm whom she knew nothing about, Jun Wu Xie did not dare underestimate them.

Jun Wu Yao had only painted half the picture with his words, but Jun Wu Xie knew what the other half comprised.

If she were to return to the Lin Palace, the people from the Palace of Flame Demons would find her there. And Jun Xian and Jun Qing would sacrifice everything to shield her and the whole of the Lin Palace will fall!

She had set her heart so strongly on returning, but the way home had been cut off mercilessly. Home had become a place she longed for but was unable to return to…..

Jun Wu Xie suddenly felt her heart wince, that brought about a dull ache. She was already weak and now, her face turned even more pale.

Jun Wu Yao came to stand beside Jun Wu Xie, and brought her deep into his embrace.

“Do not worry. You will return one day. I will find a way to make your soul complete again.” Jun Wu Yao patted Jun Wu Xie on the back comforting her, like coaxing a frightened child to calm and sleep.

It had been a miscalculation on his part this time. He had known that the Qing Yun Clan had links to one of the palaces, but he had not expected them to bump right into Jun Wu Xie.

“Before that, you can stay here in this academy for the time being. This place is rather special, and it can block out and contain the essence of your soul from being detected.” Jun Wu Yao reassured in a soft voice.

This place had been used by Yan Bu Gui to hide himself all this time. All their members had a marked Soul Badge with the Twelve Palaces and in any instances of betrayal or desertion, they could be traced with the Soul Badge no matter how far they hid, and killed. To have found a place like this, Yan Bu Gui must have spent quite a bit of effort.

“Here?” Jun Wu Xie raised her head in query.

“Yes. Don’t you need to leave the Snow Lotus here to recover as well? Take it as accompanying the little guy as well,” Jun Wu Yao knew very well, how deep Jun Wu Xie’s feelings were for the Jun Family’s father and son. Everything that she had so far, could be all linked to her want to protect the Jun Family’s father and son. She would have liked nothing more than to return home and reunite with them, but the Palace of Flame Demons had suddenly appeared and burned up any hope of satisfying that longing.

Jun Wu Xie kept silent. A home she could not return to, that stifling feeling of repression made it somehow harder to breathe. But at the same time, it strongly reminded her of everything that had happened in the Cloudy Peaks that day.

She would never allow that to happen in the Lin Palace!

She nodded without a word, and made her decision then.

“The day will come, after I annihilate the Palace of Flame Demons, and go home proudly.” She raised her eyes and her eyes were filled with resolve and determination.

Jun Wu Yao laughed as he heard her proclamation, and his arms tightened around Jun Wu Xie.

He knew that Jun Wu Xie was not so easily beaten.



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