GDBBM – Chapter 301

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Chapter 301: “Silver Lining (2)”

Jun Wu Xie had not given the Embellished Wooden Bead much thought as it was an item meant for a ring spirit’s use, and she did not have use for it.

But on this night, the bead had reacted queerly. The bead which had been usually cold started to radiate out waves of warmth. Jun Wu Xie put the bead within her palm and under the light from the torches and the moon, she could actually see faint and light trails of mist emitting from the Embellished Wooden Bead. The mist was very faint and you had to stare very hard before you could even see it. The faint mist spread over the herb bed before Jun Wu Xie and covered the herbs bit by bit.

Suddenly, Jun Wu Xie’s eyes brightened as she felt a significant increase in the spiritual energy that flowed into her body.

If she were to describe the spiritual energy that was absorbed when she cultivated the Snow Lotus as a lake, then the energy that common herbs provided would be just a ladle, and slightly more precious herbs would provide her with a bucketful. But now, the trickle of spiritual energy she was absorbing had suddenly swelled into a windy stream.

It might not be comparable to a lake, but a stream was much better than a ladle or a bucket by many times over!

This discovery puzzled Jun Wu Xie and she summoned Little Lotus immediately.

The hastily summoned Little Lotus was still drowsy from being awakened and his soft chubby face showed bewilderment. He rubbed his eyes and gave out a great big yawn as his tiny feet stood unsteadily in the soil.

“Mistress, you needed me for something?” The sleepy Little Lotus scratched his head, looking like he would fall asleep on his feet anytime.

“What is happening to the Embellished Wooden Bead?” Jun Wu Xie pushed the bead before Little Lotus. Upon seeing the Embellished Wooden Bead, Little Lotus perked up and all thoughts of sleep left him. He stared at it in yearning and picked it up precariously, smiling widely as he rubbed the bead over his tummy.

“I had not seen you for such a long time, I missed you so much.” Little Lotus grinned toothily as he brought the Embellished Wooden Bead to his eye.

Jun Wu Xie’s brow twitched and she reached out and grabbed Little Lotus who had been totally distracted by the Embellished Wooden Bead, and stared into his eyes.

“Be serious!”

Little Lotus quivered and stood blinking his eyes at Jun Wu Xie, not understanding what he did wrong.

Jun Wu Xie calmed herself and patiently explained the earlier queer reactions of the Embellished Wooden Bead. Little Lotus listened and nodded, trying to appear wise and said: “That is very normal, the Embellished Wooden Bead was meant for a plant based ring spirit’s use, and plant based ring spirits were manifestations from plants. It is a given that when it reacts to plant based ring spirits, it would also react to common plants and flowers. But, common plants and flowers do not possess enough spiritual strength and do not possess consciousness, and hence, they are unable to make use of the powers of the Embellished Wooden Bead for cultivation, but it will still help them to grow faster.”

Little Lotus took a deliberate meaningful pause and held the Embellished Wooden Bead as high as his stubby frame could reach and said: “In the day, the Embellished Wooden Bead will absorb the energies from the earth and the skies, and when night came, if the spiritual energy absorbed is not cultivated, it will be dispersed, and the spiritual energies let out by the Embellished Wooden Bead is the most nourishing thing you can give to the plants.”

Having said that, Little Lotus crinkled his nose.

What a huge waste, so much spiritual energy here and they were all “fed” to these common plants, it was a travesty to squander god’s gift like this.  

Unknown to Little Lotus, his lengthy explanation had greatly impacted Jun Wu Xie. If the Embellished Wooden Bead really worked as Little Lotus said, it would then not only been useful to plant based ring spirits, but she could also borrow the unique powers of the Embellished Wooden Bead and make use of the herbs within the Hidden Cloud Peak to develop her own spiritual powers!

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