GDBBM – Chapter 263

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Chapter 263: “First Impression (2)”

The looks of impatience and annoyance disappeared from all the faces of the Elders. Even the face of the oldest Elder among them showed an expression of shock after hearing Jun Wu Xie’s words.

The nurturing and development of veins and arteries was the most complicated among the various fields in the study of Medicine. The intricate weave of the multitudes of intertwined veins and arteries within a human body alone was enough to give anyone a headache, needless to say the study and knowledge required in the corrections and treatments needed when a problem is uncovered!

With the countless veins and arteries greatly intertwined, and even when only a small section was inflicted, the problems that surface could affect the entire being. Even if the specific treatment were to be identified, many could not be sure that the treatment might not cause any damage to other adjoining veins and arteries! Hence, when problems occur within a person’s veins and arteries, it was the hardest to treat and rectify, as the treatment was not subject to just the inflicted section, but a treatment that encompassed the entire body!

That petite little youth had not only managed to diagnose the disciple’s condition in such a short period of time, but had further managed to introduce a series of treatments targeting the various inflictions. What really shocked them was, the individual treatments recommended for the respective inflictions had sounded simple, and independent. But if all the treatments were to be carried out collectively, the result would be astounding! While it relieved the pain of the upper body, it would also clear out the lower body. While it nurtured the lower body, it nourishes the upper body against its deficiencies……

The treatments Jun Wu Xie proposed were closely linked, if you looked at the string of treatments individually, it would not seem impressive. But if you were to look at them as a whole, the series of treatments complement and complete a cycle, and the Elders were not able to see any side effects that might occur from it!

How old was this youth? And he understood so much about the intricacies of the nurturing and corrections of the human body’s veins and arteries!?

“Elder Mu, was what the little youth said correct and true?” The other Elders’ understanding of veins and arteries were inferior to Mu Chen’s, and in order to verify what Jun Wu Xie had said, they had to check with Mu Chen.

At that moment, Mu Chen was not the least bit interested in the queries from the other Elders. The moment that petite youth had said those words, his eyes had been fixed and had not left from Jun Wu Xie!

He had fully immersed himself into the study and research of veins and arteries for more than a decade. He had been extremely gifted from a young age, and all the hard work he had put in had enabled him to surpass anyone in the understanding and knowledge of veins and arteries throughout the whole Qing Yun Clan. Hence, no one there knew better than him how perfectly complete the series of treatments that Jun Wu Xie proposed was!

Even for him, he might not be able to come up with something like that!

“That youth there, I want him!” He had no intention of explaining in details to the other Elders, the usually calm and stoic Mu Chen had suddenly declared the he wanted Jun Wu Xie to be enlisted within the Cloud Treading Peak and taken under his wing!

WIth Mu Chen’s unmistakable words, the other Elders should understand by now right?

What that youth said must be true! Or Mu Chen would not act so uncharacteristically to lay claim on an applicant!

It must be known that Mu Chen had seldom accepted any applicants as disciples into the Cloud Treading Peak in the months past, the amount of new disciples he accepted in a year could be counted with just one hand.

Seeing that Mu Chen had picked up a real treasure, the other Elders’ eyes were turning rather green. Compared to the other childish and and pathetic attempts by the other youths, Jun Wu Xie calm and affirmed gift in Medicine made them feel all that very much worse, and they all felt like snatching him away from Mu Chen!

Such a rare gem that appeared this time and Mu Chen was being rather selfish to claim him just like that.

The other Elders were green with envy, but they did not say a word more. The youth was gifted in his knowledge of veins and arteries and it was different from their areas of expertise anyway. Mu Chen would be in a better position to guide him.

The other youths were still waiting for the situation to explode when they saw the youngest Elder walk towards Jun Wu Xie, and their smiles widened as they waited to see Jun Wu Xie get thrown out off the mountain.

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