GDBBM – Chapter 256

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Chapter 256: “Cloudy Peaks (3)”

Was she that lucky? Or good?

The Qing Yun Clan gave them very limited time,and they did not think they could locate the named herb within that allocated period. When they saw that Jun Wu Xie had managed it, they began to have other ideas.

The brat before their eyes wore simple clothes, and did not seem to come from a rich family. This brat’s family background must be lowly.

In the eyes of the other youths who yearned to join the Qing Yun Clan, Jun Wu Xie looked to be very weak and made an extremely good target.

The Qing Yun Clan had only tasked them to locate the named herb, but did not say anything against snatching or thieving.

“Brat, hand over the herb you have in your hand to us. Since it’s so easy for you, you can just grab another one.” One of the youths eyed Jun Wu Xie with an evil smirk, intending to resort to snatching if she refused.

In fact, things like this happened at every monthly recruitment within the mountain. If the youngest happen to locate the herb first, they were often snatched away by the older youths. The Qing Yun Clan disciples turned a blind eye to all these atrocities and did not interfere. Many fourteen and fifteen year olds had been victimised before Jun Wu Xie when older and bigger applicants had even ganged up to bully the younger and smaller ones to give up their herbs, and to give up their chance to enter the Qing Yun Clan as they were forced to leave in dejection when they failed the first test.

They were helpless, they were younger, and powerless. They could only suffer in silence when faced with blatant extortion.

The two youths before Jun Wu Xie, were of the same mind.

It was no wonder why they had targeted Jun Wu Xie. She was just fourteen and she had a small stature. She might have changed her looks to resemble a youthful boy, but her bone structure was plain for all to see. Among all the teenagers who came for the recruitment, there wasn’t any as petite as she was, and she was dressed commonly which made her look to be from humble birth. That had made her the perfect target in the eyes of the bullies.

Jun Wu Xie frowned as she stared at the two youths as she raised an eyebrow.

They dared to snatch from her!?

Jun Wu Xie was about to open her mouth when a figure suddenly whizzed to stand before her. Before she could react, a slender arm suddenly stretched out towards one of the youths and like a lightning bolt, the youth was thrown over the figure’s shoulder and flung far away from where they stood!

“You snivelling lowly worms, are you tired of living?! This is daylight robbery! Don’t make me kill you!” A boyish teen dressed in patched up clothes challenged gallantly in front of Jun Wu Xie, his finger pointing at the dishevelled youth he had just thrown, and the other youth who stood flabbergasted by the sudden attack on his partner.

“……..” Jun Wu Xie’s expression froze.

After he gave them a piece of his mind, the figure turned around and a slightly intelligent face but with distinctive features appeared before Jun Wu Xie.

“Heh heh, what a coincidence! Imagine meeting you here! Don’t worry, from now on, I will be your protector! If anyone were to bully you, I will beat the lights out of them!” The spirited youth grinned as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.Hmm…there was a familiar air about him.

Jun Wu Xie’s brows furrowed as she studied the figure before her. She searched her mind throughout, but could not link the figure to any in her memory.

“You’ve got the wrong person.” Jun Wu Xie finally said.

The youth paused in thought and his wide grin twisted into a grimace. He scratched at his head in frustration and looked agonizingly at Jun Wu Xie before his face lit up as if enlightened. He squatted on the ground and wiped his hands on the dusty ground. He smeared his dusty hands all over his face and picked up a blade of grass and dangled it from the corner of his mouth before he stood in front of Jun Wu Xie again to ask: “Think again.”

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