GDBBM – Chapter 251

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Chapter 251: “The Way of an Emperor  (2)”

“When I was small, I had always thought my father and my mother enjoyed matrimonial harmony. Even though that man was surrounded by beauties all the time, he had treated my mother civilly and with respect – that was before I had learnt the lying nature of that man. Things became much clearer after my mother died, my maternal family massacred, and the few that remained of the once prosperous family were banished to the borderlands. It was ironic that only when things had unfolded to that extent, while I was imprisoned in my lavish cage of a palace, and slowly given chronic poison that things were painfully simple that I had trusted the wrong person. I had hated him then, and I had the notion that I had ridden myself of the so called benevolence.”

“But it has been proven now, I am still a fool. Jun Wu Xie, I owe you so… so much. Too much that I will not be able to repay you adequately in this life. My life, henceforth, is yours. Whatever you say, whatever you do, I will never again raise any objection against you.” Mo Qian Yuan was now clearly aware that, to be compassionate to your enemies, was just be being cruel to yourself.

He’s had enough of the cruelty inflicted on himself. No longer is he going to be the easy target he had always made himself to be, and he refused to just wait for rescue from others from the plights he had gotten got himself into.

Only when Mo Qian Yuan had spoken himself hoarse, did Jun Wu Xie finally decide to grace him with a reply.

“I do not want your life. And neither should the Emperor of the entire Qi Kingdom need to listen to me.”

Mo Qian Yuan had wanted to retort, but his dry parched throat did not allow him to squeeze a single word out.

“The whole of the Qi Kingdom lies within your hands, what you want to do should not come from anyone’s orders, but you need to learn the way to be an Emperor. With the recent brush with the Qing Yun Clan, I believe you already know what you should do, and what you shouldn’t do. I will be away next month. It might take me three months at least, or six months at most before I return and I will leave Bai Yun Xian behind. She is not trustworthy, but her skills in medicine are many times better than all your Royal Doctors. I will leave the antidote for her with my uncle, and the recipe with you. To transform Bai Yun Xian into someone useful to you, will be the task I assign to you.” Jun Wu Xie said without any expression.

She had no intention to kill Bai Yun Xian any longer. Jun Wu Xie could not be bothered to and she had to make preparations to depart from Qi. The skills of the doctors in Qi were laughable, and though Bai Yun Xian’s skills when compared to hers, were insignificant, but if compared to all the doctors in Qi, Bai Yun Xian surpassed them by leaps and bounds.  

It can be said, keeping Bai Yun Xian around, would be akin to keeping a double edged sword. Whether Mo Qian Yuan could forge the sword to fit within his hand, would prove whether this Emperor was capable.

The Emperor of the Qi Kingdom was named Mo, and not Jun!

She had finished what she came to say and Jun Wu Xie proceeded to check on Mo Qian Yuan’s injuries. Mo Qian Yuan had a lot he wanted to say to Jun Wu Xie, and to ask where she was going. But upon seeing Jun Wu Xie’s cold expression, he swallowed all his words and clamped his mouth shut.

Jun Wu Xie wanted him to learn to be independant, and he did not want to betray that trust.

Mo Qian Yuan had been very severely injured this time. It was fortunate he had consumed the seed of the Snow Lotus previously, and that had shielded his body a little. With the addition of Jun Wu Xie’s generous heaps of precious rare elixirs, his life was finally saved.

Under Jun Wu Xie’s miraculous healing hands, it was expected that Mo Qian Yuan would not suffer any residual side effects when he recovered, but the pain and agony to be suffered on his road to recovery was nevertheless unavoidable.

Over the period that Mo Qian Yuan was bedridden, the court officials were exempted from attending court. Without having to attend court, the various court officials found a new place to haunt…..


The Lin Palace.

Ever since Jun Wu Xie led the charge into the Imperial Palace to rescue Mo Qian Yuan, a whole bunch of stubborn and unyielding old court officials suddenly saw Jun Wu Xie in a good light, and the usually shunned Lin Palace to avoid sparking off any rumours of collusion, suddenly became a highlight for them to visit in the course of their daily routines!

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