GDBBM – Chapter 203

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Chapter  203: “Soul Calming Jade (5)”

Under the dark canopy of night, the palace guards within and without the Imperial Palace were responsible for the security where they patrolled in twos. None of them had noticed, a dark shadow soaring past above their heads.

Jun Wu Xie was held in Jun Wu Yao’s arms, experiencing her first ‘flight’.

“Over there.” Jun Wu Xie pointed out the palace that was Mo Qian Yuan’s sleeping chambers without hesitation.

Jun Wu Yao’s face darkened, and descended towards the spot Jun Wu Xie indicated.

The guards outside the palace saw a shadow suddenly land from the skies and they almost dropped their weapons in shock. They stared at the intruder and before they called out, they saw that the shadow carried someone in his arms and recognized her to be the Young Miss of the Lin Palace, Jun Wu Xie!?

It was widely known throughout the whole Imperial City, that Jun Wu Xie and Mo Qian Yuan were ‘madly in love’, and were all waiting for Mo Qian Yuan to issue an edict, to invite Jun Wu Xie to inhabit the East Palace, that was reserved for the Empress.

They realised that the future Empress had come to visit the Emperor’s sleeping chambers in the dead of the night, and the shocked guards clamped their mouths shut immediately. Their eyes then wandered to the man standing, carrying their future Empress.

Just one look at him, and their legs turned to jelly, almost stumbling where they stood.

The man’s exuded a terrifying and imposing aura, and his eyes made them tremble in fear.

“Is His Majesty inside?” Jun Wu Xie asked as she jumped off from Jun Wu Yao’s arms, not noticing the eyes filled with regret behind her as she turned to face the guards.

“Yes.” The guards replied firmly.

Jun Wu Xie just walked towards the chambers with asking to be announced.

Jun Wu Yao followed behind her and the guards wanted to step up and question his intentions when they found they lacked the courage to take a single step nearer to the man. They only managed to gulp as he stepped past them and stood silently by the doors.

(Your Majesty, we were not slacking in our duty, it was just that the man the Empress brought was too overwhelmingly scary!!)

Jun Wu Xie pushed hard on the doors and sauntered right into the chambers and Mo Qian Yuan froze while he was undressing for bed.

Mo Qian Yuan turned and a corner of his mouth twitched when he saw Jun Wu Yao standing at the entrance to his chambers with a sour look on his face. Mo Qian Yuan’s arm was still hooked on his belt burly, and the clothes that hung off his shoulders showed off a sculpted muscular chest.

Although Mo Qian Yuan had been sustained persecution for a long time, under Jun Wu Xie’s careful nursing and his own persistent hard work, his body did not look too bad too.

“Soul…. Mmmph.” Jun Wu Xie had not seen the awkwardness of the situation wanted to step up closer to discuss about the Soul Jade when a warm palm covered her eyes.

Mo Qian Yuan looked quizzically at the man behind Jun Wu Xie, and saw the arrogantly good looks and his imposing manner, and they had not met before.

What startled Mo Qian Yuan more were his seemingly bottomless black eyes.

“Indecent sight” Jun Wu Yao said softly to Jun Wu Xie, but his eyes jet black eyes were like two swords and they pricked Mo Qian Yuan all over. Those eyes looked like they wanted to rip him apart. His ‘killer’ eyes and his gentle tone of voice highlighted the great contrast between his actions and feelings.

Mo Qian Yuan wasn’t that dumb and caught the meaning behind those eyes, and he hastened to dress, putting on the clothes he had just removed, and the prickly feeling eased off after he dressed.

Only then, was Jun Wu Yao willing to release his hand that covered Jun Wu Xie’s eyes.

After regaining her sight, Jun Wu Xie was still clueless about what happened. She looked at Jun Wu Yao and when she did not get much of a reaction from him, she brushed it off in pursuit of more important matters, and walked quickly further into the Emperor’s sleeping chambers, eager to discuss about the Soul Jade.

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