GDBBM – Chapter 185

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Chapter 185: “Crossing Swords ‘Covertly’ (3)”

When Mo Qian Yuan opened the room door after knocking on it, he only saw a young eunuch with very delicate features in there.

Mo Qian Yuan hesitated at the door. He had personally selected all the palace maids and eunuchs serving his former palace but he had never seen this young eunuch before.

“Did they buy it?” The young eunuch looked directly into the eyes of the Son of Heaven, and with those words, made the Emperor’s eyes widen in surprise.

“Wu Xie?” Mo Qian Yuan was astonished to see Jun Wu Xie transformed into a male. If not for the voice and mannerism, he would never have thought this young eunuch could be Jun Wu Xie.

Even her features and face shape has changed, nobody could have guessed!

Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow, she might have changed her looks, but her cold personality had not changed one bit.

“How did you transform….. to look like this?” Mo Qian Yuan stared wide eyed at Jun Wu Xie.

“Did they believe Bai Yun Xian?” Jun Wu Xie ignored Mo Qian Yuan’s question and just continued with her questions.

“They believed, and it was a wonderful performance.” Mo Qian Yuan said happily, remembering the dark look on that high and mighty, pompous Jiang Chen Qing’s face after Bai Yun Xian told them the ‘truth’.”

“Did they agree to treat Mo Xuan Fei?” Jun Wu Xie asked with another question.

“They agreed, that Jiang Chen Qing might be a tough nut, but their Eldest Miss, Qin Yu Yan, was more amicable. I did not think they would have agreed, but they did in the end.” Mo Qian Yuan thought back on the events today with the Qing Yun Clan, and felt Qin Yu Yan was the only one that went a little easier on him than the others.

Jun Wu Xie turned to Mo Qian Yuan and said: “I want to see them treat Mo Xuan Fei.”

Mo Qian Yuan considered it and realised why Jun Wu Xie had transformed her looks. The Missy of the Jun Family, Jun Wu Xie, had no reason to be there, but as an common eunuch, no one will find out her real identity.

“Are you afraid they might find a remedy for your poison?”

Jun Wu Xie shook her head, “I am confident, but I want to be there to know more about Qing Yun Clan.”

She might not know much about Qing Yun Clan, but based on Bai Yun Qian’s prowess, and the skill of the physicians within the Imperial City, she could roughly ascertain how much her own medical skills and knowledge surpassed the people here. The medicines and poisons here, were based on the most basic fundamentals herbs, and was the treatment used in the earliest of times in Chinese Medicine. However, Jun Wu Xie had, in the world of her previous life, not only learnt the effects of the various herbs and medicines, they had even changed their genetics. If she had had access to a laboratory here, she would have produced things beyond the imaginations of everyone here.

The difference between their skills in medicine, will have the doctors of this world think Jun Wu Xie a miraculous wonder.

For the poison she gave Mo Xuan Fei and Bai Yun Xian, besides making their bodies rot, its most important function was to break down cells within their bodies, disabling the body’s natural defence of healing where every small wound had spread, the wound was unable to close. When the body is unable to regenerate and repair, the affliction spreads to other areas as well. With other components she added, it turns the terrifying effects of the poison into a vicious cycle on the afflicted person.

It’s effects, was not a condition the people in this world can diagnose by reading their pulse. Without advanced advanced scientific machines and instruments, they cannot even dream of detecting a single trace of the poison from their bodies.

The people from Qing Yun Clan, did not stand the slightest chance against Jun Wu Xie, who was backed by her reputation as a genius doctor in the modern world. No way!


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