GDBBM – Chapter 181

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Chapter 181: “Might of Qing Yun Clan (3)

“How are things over on your side?” Jun Wu Xie asked as she turned her eyes away.

Mo Qian Yuan replied: “Everything has been arranged as you planned. Bai Yun Xian has been moved to the previous Crown Prince Palace and everything there has been arranged to prevent rousing any suspicions from the people of Qing Yun Clan even if they are to meet.” Mo Qian Yuan looked up at Jun Wu Xie and hesitated a moment before asking: “You really believe that Bai Yun Xian will keep up her end of the bargain? What if she reneges upon meeting her clan members and spills the beans on us?”

“What she has witnessed for the past few days will tell her how to choose.” Jun Wu Xie sipped on her tea, its fragrance permeating the air.

“You turned Mo Xuan Fei into that hideous monster just for this purpose?” Mo Qian Yuan was stunned at the realization. Mo Xuan Fei’s looks had made many people who saw him these past few days turn pale in horror, the flesh on his body was rotted, and while he was locked in the filthy dungeon, his rotting wounds had attracted numerous rats, ants, maggots and such eating away at him, which hastened the effects of the rot.

Mo Qian Yuan had witnessed the rot on Mo Xuan Fei himself, a thin layer of flesh barely covering his bones that were exposed in many other areas. He looked just like a corpse, but the flesh regenerates and the cycle of rot repeats itself.

That was what traumatised Bai Yun Xian in the dungeon, having occupied the cell directly facing Mo Xuan Fei. Even when she turned her eyes away from him, the overpowering stench and the sounds from the nibbling rats assaulted her every moment.

No matter how resolute one can be, after seeing the horrendous torment Mo Xuan Fei was put under, no one would dare risk it to suffer under the same fate.

“Bai Yun Xian treasures her life too much. It is normal for her to harbour intentions of going back on her word. But before she does that, she has to ascertain if Qing Yun Clan can produce an antidote for it.” Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow, chin nestled in palm, looking at the convoy getting further away from sight.

“That was why you made me release Mo Xuan Fei and appoint him a Royal Duke and have him stay in the Imperial Palace? To allow Bai Yun Xian to make use of Mo Xuan Fei as a guinea pig for the people of Qing Yun Clan to assess if they are able to treat the poison?” Mo Qian Yuan asked as he was awed by the meticulous planning involved. Two days ago, Jun Wu Xie had not only released Bai Yun Xian from the dungeon, she had hauled Mo Xuan Fei, who was as good as dead, and placed them in the palace he had previously occupied.

Mo Qian Yuan had not understood the rationale behind Jun Wu Xie’s actions before, and it was clear now, all the torment that Mo Xuan Fei was put through, was used just to make a terrifying threat to Bai Yun Xian.

“You are absolutely certain, the bunch from Qing Yun Clan, are unable to unravel and overcome your poison?” Mo Qian Yuan asked cautiously.

That was of paramount importance, for Bai Yun Xian to keep her silence.

“With their capabilities?” Jun Wu Xie asked coldly, her question said it all.

“Your word is good enough for me! The Qing Yun Clan carriages will be reaching the Imperial Palace soon. The Emperor has to go prepare himself to ‘welcome’ our distinguished guests.” Even after becoming the Emperor, Mo Qian Yuan carried no airs with Jun Wu Xie and disregarded the need for cumbersome formalities.

Jun Wu Xie waved her hand nonchalantly and Mo Qian Yuan disappeared. Long Qi who was guarding downstairs saw him leave and proceeded upstairs.

“Saw anything unusual?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

Long Qi reported: “The coachmen were just regular people,and the passengers inside did not reveal themselves. But in one of the carriages that passed, I saw a young lady at the window.”

“The daughter of the Qing Yun Clan Sovereign?” Jun Wu Xie raised her eyebrows in amusement.

“Your subordinate am not sure.”

“Have them followed, but do not get too close, and do not be seen.”

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