GDBBM – Chapter 157

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Chapter 157: “The Show Begins (4)”

After a short while, Bai Yun Xian was escorted to the main hall. Mo Xuan Fei related the events to her and she was taken aback that her plan had failed before it even began.

“That’s not possible…..” Bai Yun Xian said in disbelief. “That poison was taught to me by my master. Throughout the lands, only the Elder , my master and his disciples are taught how to concoct the antidote!”

Mo Xuan Fei and the Emperor exchanged a glance at Bai Yun Xian’s statement and gave each other a wry look.

The medicine of Qing Yun Clan’s was praised throughout the lands for having saved countless lives and helped endless people. They have been revered and sanctified Qing Yun Clan as the holy and unsullied place of healing. Behind that facade, the Qing Yun Clan teaches such vicious knowledge of poisons to their disciples?

Keeping the thoughts to themselves, they did not question Bai Yun Xian on it.

“Jun Wu Xie must have employed the services of an outstanding talent to nullify the crisis. She is currently with Mo Qian Yuan, leading the Rui Lin Army into the Imperial Palace, to confront you. Yun Xian, rest assured, I will do everything in my power to protect you!” Mo Xuan Fei clasped Bai Yun Xian’s hands tightly in his, his eyes brimming with adoration.

“Come if she dares! I would like to see what she dares do to me! The Min Butterfly has already reached the Qing Yun Clan and my master has sent men to come here. If she dares hurt a hair on my head, my master will not spare her.” Bai Yun Xian laughed coldly. “I had intended to deal with the trouble before the men from Qing Yun Clan gets here, it does not matter that the scheme failed anyway, the Qing Yun Clan will still come.”

Bai Yun Xian, in her rage, did not catch the smiles on the faces of the Emperor and Mo Xuan Fei.

Pushing Bai Yun Xian to the forefront was the best move they can make now.

“The ignorant knows no fear.” A cold voice rang out at the doors to the main hall and the three of them turned to look.

They saw Jun Wu Xie standing at the doors with Mo Qian Yuan beside her. The Rui Lin Army behind them had taken down the whole Yu Lin Army guards without a sound!

The Emperor’s heart skipped a beat, the shock coursed through him and he could not find his voice. Jun Wu Xie’s cold and expressionless eyes chilled him to the bone, and he could not raise his head to look into them, shrinking back into the throne.

“Imperial Father.” Mo Qian Yuan greeted, composed and politely distant, as he walked into the main hall with Jun Wu Xie.

Bai Yun Xian clenched her teeth at the sight of Jun Wu Xie, and if it was not for Mo Xuan Fei  who was holding her hands down, she would have walked up to that slut and given her two tight slaps.

“You are…..” His voice did not have his usual tone of authority, and was tinged with a slight tremor. The Emperor heard his own voice and quickly rearranged his emotions and tried to regain his composure.

“Imperial Father, I hereby report that there is a traitor among the Yu Lin Army who committed violent treachery with the intention to inflict harm upon the common people. Your son, my heart fraught with worry for your safety, has taken the initiative to bring troops into the Imperial City. I do not dare ask for your forgiveness, but to allow me to identify and apprehend that traitor who used poison in an attempt to destroy the Kingdom of Qi and to harm the innocents. Once I have apprehended the traitor, I will present myself to you, Imperial Father, to punish as you will!” Mo Qian Yuan knelt down with a loud thud, his clear resounding voice had every word echo within the hall.

The Emperor tried to squeeze out a smile. as the corners twitched slightly. ‘Punish as you will’, what empty words!? With Mo Qian Yuan having led such a big troop of Rui Lin Army soldiers into the Imperial Palace, how is he, though the Emperor, capable of punishing him!?


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