GDBBM – Chapter 1089

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Chapter 1089: “Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Spurned (1)”

Just as Wu Xin Rui was feeling perplexed by Jun Xie’s disappearance, Lord Meh Meh suddenly charged into the Heavenly Cloud Chambers!

That tiny little figure was filled with incredible power as it sent the guards standing outside the Heavenly Cloud Chambers into hell immediately, treading over blood as it stepped into the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, while Qu Xin Rui surprised gaze saw it walking over to a corner of the long lounge chair, to plop down in rest, its tiny hooves leaving behind red blossoms of blood upon the snow white fox skins, a bright and garish shade of red.

“This is…..” Shen Chi came in after hearing the news, as he stared at Lord Meh Meh whose eyes were closed in rest as it laid upon the floor, a bemused expression showing upon his face.

A trace of a smile had bloomed upon Qu Xin Rui’s face as she picked up the Spirit Taming Bone Flute, which had been left on the side of the long lounge chair, and held it in her hand. The moment the Spirit Taming Bone Flute had been picked up, Lord Meh Meh’s eyes had opened up slightly a tiny slit, to glance once at Qu Xin Rui, before it shut its eyes again to rest.

“It’s Jun Xie’s Spirit Beast!” Qu Xin Rui’s heart was filled with delight. Lin Que had previously described to her what Jun Xie’s Spirit Beast had looked like and from Lord Meh Meh’s appearance and its reaction to the Spirit Taming Bone Flute, that should be right!

“Hadn’t Jun Xie disappeared for a long time already? Why….. would this Spirit Beast suddenly appear?” Shen Chi asked with a frown forming on his face.

Qu Xin Rui replied nonchalantly as she said: “The Spirit Taming Bone Flute had never failed before. When Qu Wen Hao used the Spirit Taming Bone Flute, Jun Xie had come crashing into the scene. Jun Xie must have known that he would not be able to take back his own Spirit Beast and had immediately taken the Spirit Beast away from here. But a pity it was for nought….. Even if he had escaped to the ends of the Earth, any Spirit Beast that the Spirit Taming Bone Flute had gained control over, would use any means it could to come seek the Spirit Taming Bone Flute. Hence, even if Jun Xie had left the Thousand Beast City, this Spirit Beast will still find its own way back here in the end.” The past days of frustration and perplexity evaporated into nothing in just mere moments, as Qu Xin Rui’s face shone with a wide gleeful smile.

The past few days where Jun Xie had disappeared must have been the youth’s last and final struggles but the Spirit Beast had finally still ended up within her hands.

“Since the Spirit Beast has now come here, that means that your request had been fulfilled. Are you going to honour your end of the agreement, to return Qu Ling Yue to Qu Wen Hao?” Shen Chi asked with an eyebrow raised. In recent days, Qu Wen Hao had been in an extremely wretched state and he would come to the Heavenly Cloud Chambers almost everyday, pleading for Qu Xin Rui to let him see his daughter.

But pitifully, his begging pleas was cruelly rejected every single time and the many days of endless fretting and frantic worry had not allowed Qu Wen Hao to let his injured body find the rest it sorely needed and when he had just barely made it to the doors of the Grand Chieftain’s Residence this morning, he had collapsed where he had to be carried back inside by people.

Qu Xin Rui gave a cold laugh and said: “When did I ever make any kind of a deal with Qu Wen Hao? Why do I not remember it?”

Shen Chi was slightly taken aback, and the corners of his lips curled up into a highly sinister and malicious smile.

“You are truly merciless and cruel.”

Qu Xin Rui was completely unbothered as she said: “I am not being cruel, but it’s just that Qu Wen Hao is just too naive. I had never intended to return Qu Ling Yue to him right from the start. If I let him see the state that showed the kind of utter humiliation that Qu Ling Yue was put through and returned his daughter to him after that, wouldn’t he immediately fight me with everything he has?”

“What? Don’t tell me you’re afraid of him?” Shen Chi said with a laugh.

“What a joke. That I would be afraid of trash like that? The Spirit Taming Bone Flute can only be used by the Grand Chieftain of the Thousand Beast City and this Spirit Beast is controlled by him. Although it will move and advance according to the tune of the Spirit Taming Bone Flute, but if Qu Wen Hao dies, then the control the Spirit Taming Bone Flute holds over the Spirit Beast will disappear as well, and it will no longer be under our control.”



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