GDBBM – Chapter 1068

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Chapter 1068: “Venomous Woman (1)”

The favoured man clutched at his abdomen with his face turned pale as he fell to the ground, but he did not dare to even let out a single groan despite the pain and just hurried to kneel down pleading for mercy.

“Great Aunt, it’s my mistake. I beg for Great Aunt to spare my life.”

Qu Xin Rui’s face was grave as she stared at the man. The silk scarf that had been looped around her wrist had fallen slowly to the ground and over the smooth and fair skin of her arm, a patch of crinkled and old looking skin had suddenly appeared. Initially, that had only showed somewhere around her wrist but it had now spread up higher her arm. If one was to only look at that joint on her arm, anyone would think the arm to have belonged to an elderly old lady, highly advanced in age.

“Guards, take him away from here.” Qu Xin Rui said coldly.

The favoured man pleaded continuously but he was forcibly dragged out by the guards of the Heavenly Cloud Chambers.

Qu Xin Rui put down her arm, but the expression on her face was still looking concerned.

Shen Chi’s gaze fell upon the patch of old and wrinkly skin on Qu Xin Rui’s arm, and his brows lifted up slightly.

“The speed you are aging at seems to be get faster and faster.”

Qu Xin Rui was startled and she lowered her gaze to look at the arm exposed to Shen Chi’s gaze. Her face froze and she immediately pulled her sleeve over it, to cover her arm.

“Damn it. What is really happening? I have been using that for the last few days and why is it still like this?” Qu Xin Rui said as her face creased up in a frown, her expression looking highly irritable. Usually after using that, she would regain back her youth but this time, for some reason, there had been no effect.

“This situation actually started from the day of the birthday banquet. Did Qu Ling Yue enter the Heavenly Cloud Chambers that day?” Qu Xin Rui asked.

Shen Chi shook his head. “That thing cannot get close to any other female besides you, so how would we allow Qu Ling Yue to come in here? She just did the same thing as she had done in previous years, kowtowing outside the doors and leaving after that.”

“In future, don’t even let her kowtow at the Heavenly Cloud Chambers.” Qu Xin Rui said, and after a pause, she continued: “If she needs to offer her well wishes, doing it at the other end of the street will do.”

“And, that thing who didn’t know who he offended, just have him sacrificed. Maybe too little spirits have been offered up in sacrifice recently and that thing’s powers have decreased.” Qu Xin Rui’s tone sounded slightly flustered. Now, it was just her arm that had showed signs of aging, but if this continued on, she didn’t know if the situation would spread throughout her body. If she were to be faced with all that wrinkled up skin, she would not be able to bear it.

“I sacrificed so much before I was able to achieve such youthful beauty. I will never let anyone destroy it.”

“If you want to offer a sacrifice, I’m afraid one person alone might not be enough.” Shen Chi naturally knew what Qu Xin Rui was referring to.

Qu Xin Rui then said: “Just pick out a few more out from the men. You just decide on it your own.”

The men Qu Xin Rui was referring to were those favoured men living in the Heavenly Cloud Chambers. Every month, Qu Xin Rui would pick out several youthful and good looking men from the Thousand Beast City to come into the Heavenly Cloud Chambers to serve her, but the number of favoured men in the Heavenly Cloud Chambers had not grown to become too big a number and from among all those favoured men who were admitted into the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, not a single one had left from the place.

Without the explicit permission from Qu Xin Rui, no one was allowed to enter the Heavenly Cloud Chambers and were not allowed to come into any contact with the favoured men of the Heavenly Cloud Chambers. Hence, no one outside had the slightest idea what really happened to the men who were admitted into the Heavenly Cloud Chambers.

“Alright, I’ll make the arrangements in a moment.” Shen Chi said, and his eyes then flashed with a malicious glint.

“One more thing. How do you intend to deal with the matter with Jun Xie? From the way I see it, he does not seem too willing to accept your suggestion.” Shen Chi said with a smile on his face, as he looked at Qu Xin Rui.



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