GDBBM – Chapter 1066

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Chapter 1066: “You’re Kidding (1)”

Jun Wu Xie was really hungry. The spirit level breakthrough had drained her out and when she saw the table filled with so much food, she picked up her chopsticks immediately. Seeing her enjoy the food so much, Jun Wu Yao picked up his chopsticks smilingly and tasted a mouthful of it. The taste that filled his mouth made the demon lord immediately spit the food out.

“…..” Jun Wu Xie was sipping at her porridge when she saw Jun Wu Yao spitting out the prawn he had just put into his mouth and she blinked her eyes blankly.

“Ye Sha.” Jun Wu Yao lifted up the napkin from the table gracefully and dapped it against the corner of his mouth and said.

Ye Sha immediately appeared within the room and knelt before Jun Wu Yao.

“Your subordinate is present!”

“Remove all these dishes and you go prepare another table of food with Ye Mei.” Jun Wu Yao ordered.

“Yes!” Ye Sha immediately lowered his head and brought out the whole table of food, removing even the rice bowl from before Jun Wu Xie, leaving her only with the mouthful of porridge she had left in the spoon she was still holding in her hand.

She had only taken two mouthful and why had Jun Wu Yao ordered for all the food to be removed?

Jun Wu Xie was feeling ravenous and the eyes she was looking at Jun Wu Yao with were involuntarily tinged with a faint trace of complaint.

Jun Wu Yao stroked her head good naturedly and said: “How can I allow such horrible food to taint your mouth?”

He had asked Xiong Ba to get people to prepare all that food and it had all turned out to be completely unpalatable.

Jun Wu Xie was stunned for a moment before she understood what Jun Wu Yao meant.

The little black cat at the side silently raised its paw and covered it over its eyes. Although the food that Xiong Ba had provided was not comparable to the gourmet dishes from the big restaurants, but it was still not that bad. Even then, when it was put into Jun Wu Yao’s mouth, it had become something he found extremely hard to swallow…..

To the point that if he allowed Jun Wu Xie to eat it, he felt that it would taint Jun Wu Xie’s tongue!

Towards a certain demon lord’s actions of crazed lunacy, the little black cat found that it could not bear to watch any further!

That demon lord’s taste buds must have been spoilt and overly indulged by Ye Sha and Ye Mei!

The pair’s culinary skills were superb and there could be no qualms about that. But….. come on! That didn’t mean that any random personal aide in this world one dragged out could become an emissary of the God of Cookery!

Jun Wu Xie was still stunned and Jun Wu Yao reached his hand over to take the spoon from her hand to carelessly toss out the window…..

“Wait just awhile more, before you eat.” Jun Wu Yao said with a smile.

Jun Wu Xie was speechless as she saw her last mouthful of porridge being thrown out together with the spoon. At that moment, her stomach growled fittingly with how she was feeling, seemingly protesting against Jun Wu Yao’s “absolute tyranny”.

“I did not think that they tasted bad.” Jun Wu Xie said as she looked at Jun Wu Yao. Great taste to her was not something she pursued, but as long as the food could ensured her body could function and provide sufficient calories, all other aspects did not make much of a difference to her.

“Why make yourself suffer?” Jun Wu Yao asked with a smile.

“…..” She did not think she was suffering at all!

Ye Sha and Ye Mei threw the entire table full of food in the kitchen of the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall. When the workers in the kitchen saw the two towering figures suddenly appear in their kitchen, their faces were filled with shocked and before they could even react, they were all thrown out of the kitchen by Ye Sha and Ye Mei.

The workers immediately flew and charged to Xiong Ba, in tearful complaint.

Xiong Ba’s hand was still throbbing in pain and when he heard that two overbearing men had taken over their kitchen in the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall, a twitch began to pull at his mouth.

“Clan Chief! Are you really not going to bother with it?” Qing Yu asked, staring at Xiong Ba’s fully darkened face.

Xiong Ba raised his splintered hand still wearing a cast and waved it right before Qing Yu’s eyes.

“I have to be able to do anything about it in the first place!”


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