Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 874

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Chapter 874: The fastest way to become famous

“Oh?  What does that mean?”  Ye Yu Xi wanted to destroy the Clear Sun Guild to spread Blood Enchantress’ fame, but hearing Chu Tian Che’s words, there was another way.

Hei Feng Tian Zong took out several stools from his ring to let everyone sit down.

“The freshmen meeting is a place to show off your talent to put it bluntly.”  Chu Tian Che said in a reminiscent voice, “A person’s talent is important, but hard work is indispensable.  There’s a record of your cultivation when you entered the school, it can be seen at the office.  In order to incite the freshmen, after the freshmen are here for two months, they participate in a freshmen conference.”

“Can one not participate?”  Ye Yu Xi suddenly asked.

Chu Tian Che nodded, but he revealed a smile, “You can not participate, but no one will do that.  In order to incite the freshmen, the academy gives rich rewards.  First place will receive five thousand points, which can be exchanged for items at the Treasure Pavilion.  For normal school missions, you can only earn twenty by completing one.”

“Senior Chu, this seems a bit unfair.”  Hei Feng Tian Zong on the side said, “This is only giving points to the students with higher talents.  Those that are weaker, even if they work hard, they can’t break through in just two months of cultivating.”

Chu Tian Che nodded, “Indeed.  There are some freshmen who are at the seventh spiritual level or even the eighth spiritual level, but most of the freshmen are at the fifth spiritual level.  They can’t surpass the seventh spiritual level in just two months, so there’s another purpose to this.  It’s to let the guilds pick freshmen.  Whether a guild can last depends on the freshmen, so those with decent progress have already been booked by guilds.”

A look flashed in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.  This conference, gaining first place would mean receiving the attention of over a thousand people.  Like that, it was natural to become famous.

Ye Yu Xi could even…..find some members for her Blood Enchantress!

“Senior Chu, is there anything else?”  Ye Yu Xi organized her thoughts.

“There is something else, I came for this matter.”  Chu Tian Che’s voice became more serious, “In the first two months for the freshmen, they have a special right, which is to enter the third floor of the Exquisite Tower to cultivate.”

“Exquisite Tower?”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes filled with confusion again.

“Un, there are many students that can break through from the eighth spiritual level to the ninth spiritual level within three months.  If they were outside, they couldn’t do it in ten years, but those old students can rely on the Exquisite Tower.”

“It’s that powerful?!”  Hei Feng Tian Zong had a surprised look.

“Cultivating in the Exquisite Tower multiplies your gains.  A total of seven floors, it costs points to enter.  In the school, points are gold coins, so to let the freshmen adapt to the school, the school allows them to enter the third floor for free for two months.”

Freshmen meeting.

An announcement cut off Chu Tian Che’s explanation.

“The freshmen meeting is beginning, you should go.  You can contact some older students there.”  Chu Tian Che stood up.

“Un.”  Ye Yu Xi cupped her hands towards Chu Tian Che.

After they left the room.

All the freshmen came out of their dorms after hearing this announcement.

The thousand people headed to the freshmen square.

The square was several thousand square meters, so the thousand people could stand there without it becoming crowded.

Ye Yu Xi’s group of three arrived and heard the teacher’s instructions.

The contents was just some history on the Alchemist Academy and expectations of its students.  The Exquisite Tower that Chu Tian Che mentioned was also raised by the teacher, instructing everyone to go in even if it was just once.

Next, they were separated into classes.  Each class had over two hundred students, so the over a thousand people were separated into six classes, with one teacher in charge of their cultivation each.

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