Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 863

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Chapter 863: Chu Tian Che’s past (Part 2)

Chu Tian Che narrowed his eyes seeing Ye Yu Xi’s group.  The girl in front of him looked different from Ye Yu Xi.

Chu Tian Che slowly raised his hand and the ten inner court disciples prepared to attack at the same time.

A faint smile appeared on Ye Yu Xi’s lips, “Scatter!”

Sou, sou, sou.

Three figures went out and they instantly went several dozen meters away.

So fast!

Chu Tian Che’s eyes changed as he shouted, “Chase!”

Ten figures quickly followed and in the front was Chu Tian Che, as well as the other four eighth spiritual level experts.

“Increase the speed.”  Ye Yu Xi looked behind and saw that five people could keep up.

According to Ye Yu Xi’s calculations, other than Chu Tian Che, it was fine to throw everyone else away.

Sou, sou, sou.

Ye Yu Xi’s group flew past the trees.

Feeling her facial muscles twitching, Ye Yu Xi knew that the Vague Appearance Pill was losing effect.

Chu Tian Che following Ye Yu Xi had cold eyes as he wildly circulated spiritual energy under his feet.

These freshmen were so fast!

No wonder those older students fell at their hands.

Chu Tian Che was surprised in his heart.  His eyes widened as his body froze while looking ahead.

Ye Yu Xi’s group had already stopped and turned to look at Chu Tian Che.

Chu Tian Che’s palm turned cold.  There was already no one with him!

Ye Yu Xi didn’t make a move as she slowly said, “Chu Tian Che?”

In front of Chu Tian Che’s shocked eyes, Ye Yu Xi’s face turned from normal to shocking.

“It’s you?!”  Chu Tian Che was in a bit of disbelief.  Seeing Ye Yu Xi’s appearance change, Chu Tian Che’s tone was a bit uncertain, “You used an appearance changing pill?”

Ye Yu Xi slowly nodded, “Senior Chu, we meet again.”

Seeing the smile on Ye Yu Xi’s lips, Chu Tian Che lowered his guard and revealed a bitter smile, “It’s no wonder you didn’t steal from my people.  With your abilities, you could have gone out yesterday if you wanted.”

Ye Yu Xi winked at Hei Sha and Tian Zong to the side, “Go look around, don’t let people approach.”

The two replied before leaving.

“Senior Chu, there is something that I think we can discuss.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Chu Tian Che’s lazy face and a sparkle appeared in her eyes.

“Un?”  Chu Tian Che finally reacted, “No wonder you deliberately led me here.  Speak, what is it?”

“Senior Chu, the people following you, were they from the previous Thousand Pain Hall?”  Ye Yu Xi revealed a smile.

In these two days, Ye Yu Xi had learned Chu Tian Che’s past from the older students.

As Ye Yu Xi had judged, Chu Tian Che was something with a story.

Chu Tian Che, eighth spiritual level, a third year student, an inner court student, and the master of the Thousand Pain Hall.  Chu Tian was considered the biggest dark horse other than the Five Great Families two years ago.

He was strong and with the establishment of the Thousand Pain Hall, he had gained two hundred people in just a single year.  He was considered a legend among the freshmen.

It was a pity that the Thousand Pain Hall touched the benefits of the Dragon King Guild of the five great guilds and was defeated by them.

Chu Tian Che’s momentum as a dark horse was completely suppressed and facing Long Wu in the ninth spiritual level, Chu Tian Che’s eighth spiritual level cultivation wasn’t enough to win.

What was even worse was that Chu Tian Che had a childhood sweetheart named Liu Meng Ying.  Liu Meng Ying had good talent and was also in the eighth spiritual level, she was considered a golden girl following Chu Tian Che.

But after the Thousand Pain Hall was defeated and Chu Tian Che lost his momentum, Liu Meng Ying went to the arms of another and ignored Chu Tian Che.

Ye Yu Xi saw the Chu Tian Che wasn’t saying anything and smiled again, “Is senior Zhang really satisfied with letting the Thousand Pain Hall end like this?”

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