Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 839

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Chapter 839: Genius Bai Tian Yu (Part 3)


Not far away from the Heavenly Word Room, Yue Zi Xue who had been focusing on the situation with their mental energy suddenly revealed a smile.

This girl, she definitely did it on purpose!

“Big sister Xue, what are you smiling at?”  The girl on the side suddenly saw Yue Zi Xue smiling.

“It’s nothing, have some apples.”  Yue Zi Xue put the peeled apple in the hand of the little girl beside her before slightly raising her hand, “Yue Yang, go and tell the Bai Family’s people to give the Yue Manor some face and don’t go overboard.  Tell the seniors later to see if they can pull that girl to our Moon Heart Pavilion.”

The girl called Yue Yang turned to leave.  Yue Zi Xue’s eyes revealed a bit of curiosity.  She does have curiosity, but she had never heard of this person before……


Fourth floor, countless eyes were looking here.

Most of the fourth floor’s rooms were closed, but not a single person came out and they all used their mental energy to watch outside.

Bai Tian Yu looked at Ye Yu Xi who pretended to be a fool and his voice turned cold, “If you say this, you’re forcing me to make a move!”

“Young master Bai.”  Yue Yang’s voice sounded.

“Un?”  Bai Tian Yu’s cold eyes looked up and his pupils slightly shrank.  Yue Manor’s people!

“Young master Bai, our family’s young miss……”  Yue Yang’s voice sounded from beside Bai Tian Yu.

Bai Tian Yu looked at the closed door to the side and his voice sunk, “I’ll give the Yue Manor some face.”

He looked at Ye Yu Xi, “If you leave now, I won’t pursue this matter.”

Yue Yang looked at Ye Yu Xi with a faint smile.  Her young miss had helped her with this crisis, these three should remember her young miss’ favour.

Ye Yu Xi ignored what that girl said to Bai Tian Yu and said in a loud voice, “I only know that this Heavenly Word Room doesn’t say that only Bai Family’s people can live here.

Gezhi, gezhi.

“Ruo Qing!”  Bai Tian Yu roared out.


Bai Ruo Qing’s body was slender, so she was amazingly fast.  She flew out and sent a fist at Ye Yu Xi.


Bai Ruo Qing’s fist was easily caught.

“Want to make a move?”  Hei Sha casually caught Bai Ruo Qing’s hand and looked at the four people from the Bai Family.


Bai Tian Yu couldn’t take it anymore and spiritual energy exploded under his feet, as he charged at Ye Yu Xi.

Peak eighth spiritual level!

Ye Yu Xi focused and she stepped off, floating into the room.

Bai Tian Yu quickly followed.


Bai Tian Yu’s fist was also stopped by another palm.

Ye Yu Xi stood in the room as Bai Jin Yi casually stopped Bai Tian Yu’s fist.  With a wave of his hand, a golden light filled the room and blocked all the mental energy surrounding the room.

Yi?  Un?

The people in the surrounding rooms were surprised.  Why couldn’t their mental energy sense anything?

Inside the Heavenly Word Room.

Bai Tian Yu’s eyes turned cold, he never thought there would be someone in the room!

“You!”  Bai Tian Yu wanted to shout out, but seeing the face of the person inside, his pupils instantly widened.

“Bai Tian Yu?”  Bai Jin Yi had no expression on his face as he softly released Bai Tian Yu’s fist.

Bai Tian Yu finally saw Bai Jin Yi’s expression and then took a step back to fall on one knee.

“Bai Tian Yu greets the young valley lord.”  

Bai Jin Yi slightly lifted his hand, “Stand up and speak.”

The anger on Bai Tian Yu’s face had already scattered and he carefully stood up.

“Seventeen and the peak of the eighth spiritual level, your talent isn’t bad.”  Bai Jin Yi praised.

“Many thanks for the young valley lord’s praise.”  In just a few seconds, Bai Tian Yu’s forehead was covered in cold sweat.

He was just a genius found every few years in the family and Bai Jin Yi in front of him was genius found every thousand years on the Purple Cloud Continent!

When he was seventeen, Bai Jin Yi was already in the peak ninth spiritual level!

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