Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 809

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Chapter 809: Spiritual energy taking form

This roar was not from Bai Jin Yi, rather it was from the tiger formed from Bai Jin Yi’s spiritual energy behind him.

Hu, hu, hu.

A wild wind filled the building and Long Xiao Pang was already pressed against the wall.

The white spiritual energy tiger entered Bai Jin Yi’s back and released a golden glow.

If he wasn’t wearing his clothes, one would have found that where the tiger entered, there was a white dragon tattoo that slowly appeared on Bai Jin Yi’s back.  It formed two wings and spread itself high up.

After two full minutes, the golden light on Bai Jin Yi’s back stabilized and everything returned to normal, but Bai Jin Yi’s aura had changed.

Bai Jin Yi was like a sickly handsome man before, with a bit of elegance on his pale face.  But now, his face was still pale, but there was a dominating feel that made people not dare look into his starry eyes.

“Xiao Bai, how do you feel?”  Long Xiao Pang saw the spiritual energy tiger disappear and slowly came over.

“Very good!”  A confident look appeared on Bai Jin Yi’s face.


Before the stone door opened, Ye Yu Xi dragged her tired body in.

“Little girl?”  Long Xiao Pang looked at Ye Yu Xi in shock.

Ye Yu Xi rushed over after hearing the tiger roar.  After seeing that Bai Jin Yi and Long Xiao Pang were fine after coming in, her heart fell down.

Her tense mind instantly relaxed and Ye Yu Xi who had been greatly lacking mental energy suddenly felt her head sink down.

The scene in front of her flipped and Ye Yu Xi’s eyes rolled back as she fell backwards.


Bai Jin Yi instantly appeared behind Ye Yu Xi and let her fall into his embrace.

“Little girl!”  Long Xiao Pang’s face became serious and he quickly came over.

Bai Jin Yi and Long Xiao Pang both sent their mental energy into Ye Yu Xi to check her body.

“It’s good that she’s only spent on mental energy, she should be fine after sleeping for a night.”  Long Xiao Pang let out a sigh of relief.

Bai Jin Yi gave a nod.  Ye Yu Xi was just sleeping, it didn’t matter.

“How is the might of your inheritance?”  Long Xiao Pang looked up at Bai Jin Yi.

Bai Jin Yi thought about it before slowly shaking his head, “I’m not clear about the exact details, there are some things that are still blurry.  But I can do this for now.”

After Bai Jin Yi said this, he waved his hand and golden spiritual energy surged out of his hand, forming a white tiger on the ground.

Long Xiao Pang’s eyes popped open as he looked at Bai Jin Yi, “Spiritual energy taking form?”

Bai Jin Yi nodded.

Spiritual energy taking form and spiritual energy form were two different concepts.  Putting it simply, one was real and one was an illusion!

Taking form was compressing large amounts of spiritual energy into a near solid object or a spirit beast.  Spiritual energy form was just letting the spiritual energy take a form, which would dissipate when attacked.

There was another difference between the two.  Taking form would have its own spirituality and could attacking according to its master’s thoughts.

Bai Jin Yi softly put Ye Yu Xi on the back of the tiger and the tiger carried Ye Yu Xi to the second floor.

“Ze, ze, it seems like the thing you obtained isn’t worse than what the little girl obtained.”  Long Xiao Pang’s eyes lit up.

Bai Jin Yi gave a nod as he revealed a smile.  Now he finally had the capital to fight against that group of old stubborn men!

Perhaps……his life was finally in his hand and he could make his own decisions.

“Dragon master, look after Ye Yu Xi.  I still have to practice some spiritual techniques from the inheritance.”  Bai Jin Yi said to Long Xiao Pang before walking out of the building.

Long Xiao Pang skipped to the second floor.  The white tiger formed from spiritual energy had placed Ye Yu Xi on the ground and was lying on the side, silently protecting Ye Yu Xi.

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