Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 804

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Chapter 804: Evil Eye White Tiger

The wooden bead was the size of a longan and looked like a pill.  Looking at its material, it should have also been made of Dragon Marked Wood, but the colour was much better than the Dragon Marked Wood box.

Sha, sha.

Bai Jin Yi took two steps back and let out a faint sound.

Ye Yu Xi and Long Xiao Pang looked at Bai Jin Yi in surprise before the latter fell to the ground with a “putong” sound.

Bai Jin Yi had a serious face as he kneeled to the wooden box and kowtowed three times.

“What are you doing?”  Ye Yu Xi saw Bai Jin Yi’s strange actions and her face looked a bit ugly.  Could it be…..he was hit by some evil spell?!

“That is his ancestral item, it’s normal for him to kowtow.”  Long Xiao Pang casually said as he continued looking at the things in the box.

“You’re talking about the Dragon Marked Wood box?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi.

“That little jade tiger.”  Long Xiao Pang looked over at Bai Jin Yi, “Your Bai Family’s inheritance should be the Evil Eye White Tiger.”

Bai Jin Yi closed his eyes and when he opened them again, he had dual pupils.  He gave a slow nod as he said, “That’s right, the Bai Family’s White Tiger Token was lost a thousand years ago, so there was only the Evil Eye that was passed down.  No one can use the White Tiger’s inheritance.”

The thing that the Medicine King Valley searched for hundreds of years for, he never thought that it was sealed here.  With the White Tiger’s inheritance……

Bai Jin Yi’s starry eyes lit up!

Before, he had to listen to the Elder Hall’s elders, conceding on many things, but now…..

“No wonder your flame turned into a golden dragon.”  A trace of relief appeared in Long Xiao Pang’s voice.

“This thing is yours.”  Long Xiao Pang took the lead and threw the little jade tiger to Bai Jin Yi.

Bai Jin Yi quickly accepted it.

“I never thought there would be Heavenly Silkworm Silk.”  Long Xiao Pang’s voice was filled with wonder as he reached his little hand into the wooden box again.

Zhi, zhi.

“You want this?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the little minx’s eyes and reached out to take the Dragon Marked Wood bead, giving it to the Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Minx.

Zhi, zhi.

The Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Minx happily called out and tightly hugged the wooden bead, unwilling to let go.

“Such a delicate thing.”  Ye Yu Xi took the final lotus stand in her hand.  There was a bit of cold that entered her hand and the lotus stand lit up a bit.

“What is this thing?”  Long Xiao Pang’s voice had a trace of confusion, attracting Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi’s gaze.

Bai Jin Yi looked at it and doubt filled his eyes, “These letters, it seems like the letters on the door.”

Ye Yu Xi looked at it and her pupils widened slightly.  It was Chinese letters! Densely written together, it was over a thousand Chinese letters!

“Strange, there is nothing in here.”  Long Xiao Pang sent his mental energy in.  The golden silk was empty, like all the secrets were hidden in these letters.

“Let me see.”  Ye Yu Xi took the golden silk from Long Xiao Pang’s hands.

The first line had seven words: Sit on the lotus stand at will.

The densely packed thousand words, what it recorded was all cultivation techniques!

“Little girl, you can understand it?”  Long Xiao Pang saw Ye Yu Xi’s expression and asked in a surprised voice.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  Now that they had reached this point, she couldn’t hide it anymore.

“What is written on it?”  Long Xiao Pang didn’t investigate why Ye Yu Xi could understand these letters.

Bai Jin Yi didn’t pay any attention, all his mind was focused on the jade tiger in his hand.

“Cultivation technique, Thousand Sound Hand.”  Ye Yu Xi unconsciously said. Looking at the Heavenly Silkworm Silk, there was a strange look in her eyes.

The more she looked at it, the more shocked Ye Yu Xi was!

The Hundred Flower Hands…..It wasn’t used for refining.  Its real use was actually this!

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