Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 784

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Chapter 784: Ten Thousand Beast Shattering Space

“Name……”  Ye Yu Xi remembered the scene of ten thousand beasts roaring from when she comprehended this spiritual technique, “Just call it the Ten Thousand Beast Shattering Space.”

Ten Thousand Beast Shattering Space……

Long Xiao Pang thought about it.  He didn’t have any feelings about this name or and rejection of it.

If Long Xiao Pang were to come up with the name, he would directly call it “Lion’s Roar” or “Tiger’s Scream”.

“Dragon master, don’t you have several pill recipes for changing your appearance?”  Ye Yu Xi stood up.

“I do, what about it?”  Long Xiao Pang looked at Ye Yu Xi.

“Give me one.”

“Don’t you have the Vague Appearance Pill?  Then again, those things can only improve your face, it’s no use to you at all.”  Long Xiao Pang waved his hand.

“It’s not for me.”  Ye Yu Xi revealed a mysterious smile, “It’s for the fatty and the others.  If they’re going to the Central Plains, it’s best if they change their faces.”

Long Xiao Pang thought about it and with an “oh” sound, he obediently took out the pill recipe.

Picking one that was relatively easy to refine, Ye Yu Xi began her refining.

When it was close to night, the desert was very cold.

It was a giant difference from the heat during the day.

When Ye Yu Xi came out of her room, the fatty and the others were waiting downstairs.



“Young miss.”

They all greeted her.

“Set off.”

After paying for the room, the group of six set off for the Sand Tower Desert for the second time.

As for the name Sand Tower, Ye Yu Xi was a bit curious.

After traveling for a day in the desert, they still didn’t arrive at the place Long Xiao Pang mentioned.

The fatty looked around and took a deep breath of the dry air, “Boss, this…..It seems like the wind is rising.”

The fatty looked to one side and there seemed to be some yellow on the horizon.

Ye Yu Xi and the others looked at where the fatty was looking with a serious face.

In the desert, the most despairing thing was not rain or snow, it was wind.

Once the wind came, there would definitely be a sandstorm.  Not mentioning changing the terrain, even the weaker ones could bury them under sand dunes.

“It shouldn’t be wind.”  Bai Jin Yi looked into the distance with narrowed eyes.

Ye Yu Xi also narrowed her eyes, but it was too far and she couldn’t see it clearly.

But looking into the distance, there was still blue in the sky and didn’t look like yellow sand filling the sky.

Long Xiao Pang fell to the ground and listened to the sand for a while before standing up, “Little girl, map.”

Taking out the map of the desert Long Xiao Pang looked at the sand dunes before looking up, “Let me ask you, since we came in yesterday, how many times did we change directions?”

Hei Feng Tian Zong, the fatty, and Ye Wen’s eyes all widened.

Did they get lost?  It can’t be……

“No, dragon master, haven’t you been leading the way the entire time?  You didn’t remember all the turns we made?” The fatty was a bit surprised.

“Not mentioning yesterday, I was only leading the path.  The other things you were responsible for.” Long Xiao Pang confidently refuted.

“We changed direction four times.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the sun. The direction that “sandstorm” came from should be to the west.

Long Xiao Pang looked at the map, “That should be where the oasis is.  If we keep going, we’ll get there in less than two days. Do you want to go and take a look?”

“Which direction is the residence of the Thousand Hand Guanyin?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the map.

“Hard to tell.  When we see the Sand Tower, we should be near it.”  Long Xiao Pang said.

Sand Tower?

There really was such a thing?!

Ye Yu Xi revealed a stunned look.

Bai Jin Yi in the side slightly narrowed his starry eyes.  The residence of the Thousand Hand Guanyin, what kind of place was it?!

“Go to the oasis then.”  Ye Yu Xi looked over the map, anyway she wasn’t in a rush.

After taking care of this thing, she would directly head to the Alchemist Academy.

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