Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: Strange Flame map (Part 3)

When Ye Yu Xi heard this voice, her brows knit.  Looking over at the other VIP room, this voice was like the voice of a person she knew.  That person was the seventh prince!

Ye Yu Xi’s analysis was not wrong.

The seventh prince was sitting in a luxurious VIP room with Ye Xing Yong sitting beside him.  Ye Xing Yong was currently talking about the item on the auction stage with the seventh prince.

“Seventh highness, this treasure map might not be real!  Moreover, even if it is real, it is only an incomplete map and it isn’t worth that much!”  Ye Xing Yong carefully reminded him. He was afraid the seventh prince would buy this item on an impulse.

Humph!  What do you know?  What’s recorded on this treasure map was a Strange Flame, this kind of thing was useless to normal people, but the alchemists in the palace were always wavering for this thing.  Using this treasure map, perhaps he could obtain the support of one of the alchemists.

He thought this, but the seventh prince still displayed a patient appearance as he replied, “This treasure map records a Strange Flame.  The alchemists in the palace have always been looking for news on Strange Flames, perhaps obtaining this treasure map will raise some goodwill with some alchemists.”

“But it isn’t complete…..”  Ye Xing Yong wanted to say something, but a voice cut through their conversation.

“Ten thousand gold coins!”  Ye Yu sat in the large chair with a faint smile on her lips.

“Un?”  The seventh prince looked over.  He never thought that someone would suddenly raise the price by thirty thousand.  Was there someone else interested in the map other than him?

“One hundred and ten thousand gold coins!”  A faint voice came from the seventh prince’s mouth.  Although the voice was soft, it had a certain aura to it that had to be obeyed.

“One hundred and fifty thousand gold coins!”  Although Ye Yu Xi’s words were hoarse, they rang clearly through the hall!

Qing’er looked at Ye Yu Xi with a strange gaze.  She thought that Ye Yu Xi’s first bid was just the young miss being curious and playing around, but it seemed like the young miss really wanted to buy it.  Qing’er moved her head in front of Ye Yu Xi, “Young miss, this is only an incomplete map, we don’t need to…..”

Shh!  Ye Yu Xi made a movement telling her to be silent.  Qing’er’s cultivation was low and she did not know Ye Yu Xi was an alchemist, nor did she know how precious a Strange Flame was.  Ye Yu Xi was also too lazy to explain these to Qing’er.

“One hundred and sixty thousand gold coins!”  The seventh prince’s voice clearly contained a trace of anger!  His breathing had also become a bit heavier.

When the seventh voice fell, Ye Yu Xi followed with another price, “Two hundred thousand gold coins!”


Everyone in the hall took in a gasp.  That man’s method of bidding was fine and his increments were in an acceptable range, but the way this girl bought things…..Was her family made of gold coins!


The seventh prince slammed a palm onto the table!  His eyes were filled with rage and his voice already had a trace of sharpness to it, “Two hundred and fifty thousand gold coins!”

There were still a few family heads that were thinking about the treasure map, but seeing how thing developed, the map was already an illusion.  This man and woman were bidding like this, if they were to buy it, it would be like holding a hot potato and bringing disaster to themselves.

“Three hundred thousand gold coins!”  The eyes under the cloak were clear, no confusion in them at all.

Ye Yu Xi did not feel pained about using money.  With strength, all kinds of money could be made back.  Not to mention that several hundred thousand gold coins was only a few pills for her and she needed to refine pills continuously for her cultivation.

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