Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 768

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Chapter 768: Master Ge Lei’s disciple (Part 2)

“Boss, let’s go take a look.”  The fatty was curious and was the first one over.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi before following the fatty.

Passing through the crowd, they saw a luxurious door with a sign that said “Ge Lei’s Weapon Store” on it.  There was also a tall furnace placed outside to attract customers.

Just based on this forge, it was at least double the size of the forges outside the other blacksmiths!

The fatty and Hei Feng Tian Zong stood the closest.  Hei Feng Tian Zong looked at this forge and clicked his tongue.  The quality of this forge…..it wasn’t enough!

“Brother Tian Zong, that forge is quite big, is this good enough?”  The fatty asked Hei Feng Tian Zong in a small voice.

Hei Feng Tian Zong shook his head with a bit of disappointment and said in a small voice, “The quality is a bit lacking.  You can study with it, but this kind of furnace can only make normal weapons. It is impossible to make weapons with spirituality with this kind of forge.”

The fatty was in a daze and he hesitated a bit.

Hong, hong, hong.  The weapon refiner by the forge wildly injected spiritual energy into it.


The surrounding people saw the orange yellow flame rising in the forge and all praised him.

The fatty’s attention was drawn by them.  After looking a few times, but not being able to see anything, he asked a man beside him, “Brother, who is this weapon refiner?”

The fatty’s tone was very casual and a girl nearby heard this, causing her to look at the fatty.

“You don’t know?”  The man had a surprised gaze.

“Brother, we came from afar to come buy weapons.  We saw that there were many people here, so we came to see the commotion.”  The fatty explained.

“This is master Ge Lei’s personal disciple, master Luo Di.  Master Luo Di came to refine this weapon, cutting iron like sand!”  The man looked at the blade burning in the forge and looked a bit obsessed.

Master Luo Di?

There was a smile of disdain on Hei Feng Tian Zong’s lips.  This kind of skill can be considered a master? In the Black Wind Family’s smelting shop, this kind of skill was only qualified to being a helper, he was far from being considered a weapon refiner.

Ye Yu Xi in the crowd shook her head.  This master…..his control of spiritual energy was a bit weak, just empty spiritual energy flames.  The Black Wind Family’s weapon refiners all used orange red flames, but this master was just using orange yellow flames.

This heat, there was at least a grade’s difference!


Luo Di beside the forge suddenly gave a roar and the flames surged.

Guang, guang, guang!

The several dozen pounds hammer was lifted in one hand and smashed on the blade in the forge.


The crowd was filled with gasps of shock!

This several dozen pounds hammer was like a small stick in Luo Di’s hands, showing that he was quite strong.


The red blade was inserted into the water tank to the side, releasing a wave of mist.

“It’s about to come out.”

“Today’s first blade, let’s see what the grade is.”

Everyone started discussing.  The girl who was not far from the fatty, her eyes fell to the forge again.

Others were looking at the blade in Luo Di’s hand, but this girl was looking at Luo Di.

Hua la la.

With the splash of water, the somewhat warm blade was drawn out.

Sunlight fell onto the blade and the swaying light sent out chills.


Luo Di waved his large hand and the blade was slashed across an iron bar on the side.


A part of the three fingers thick iron bar was cut off.

“Good!  Good blade!”

The crowd called out.  That thick iron, it was cut without any effort.  This could be called a treasure blade!”

“Cutting iron like sand, the blade is complete.”   Luo Di looked at the blade in his hand and looked satisfied.

“Master Luo Di, I’ll buy this for five thousand gold coins!”

“I’ll offer ten thousand!”

The crowd began to offer prices.

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