Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 746

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Chapter 746: Changing times

Elder Qiu’s body rolled over ten meters away before he stabilized himself with a flap of the wings on his back.  From his shoulder, his arm had already been burnt away by Ye Yu Xi’s Heavenly Thunder.

Ka!  Hong long!

The black spiritual energy cage shattered.

Xue Yu looked at the purple glow in Ye Yu Xi’s hand and he was surprised.  It seemed like if he didn’t do anything, this old man wouldn’t have been able to hurt Ye Yu Xi.

Blood red crystal armour and blood red wings.

Elder Qiu looked at Xue Yu’s attire and his pupils instantly widened.  The northwest’s Xue Family!”

“Retreat!”  Elder Qiu roared out as he quickly shot away.

Un humph~

Ye Yu XI wanted to chase, but an empty feeling filled her.  The spiritual energy that could last an hour, under that intense battle, it had already been exhausted!

Xue Yu floated in the air without moving.  He was just here to deliver a letter, he didn’t need to offend a power like the King of Hell’s Palace.

Feeling helpless, Ye Yu Xi could only watch elder Qiu escape.

With the leader gone, elder Pan who was battling Bai Jin Yi also wanted to escape.

Hong, hong, hong.

Exploding several balls of spiritual energy, elder Pan turned to escape.

“Want to run?”  Bai Jin Yi knit his brows.  He flew out and appeared in front of elder Pan.

“Kid, don’t force me to kill you!”  Elder Pan said fierce words and his fists were even harder.


A dragon’s roar came from Bai Jin Yi’s hand.  This time, what clashed with elder Pan’s palm was not Bai Jin Yi’s fist, but rather a dragon’s head!

From Bai Jin Yi’s gathered spiritual energy, after a hundred moves, the golden flame dragon was finally strong enough.


Elder Pan didn’t expect that Bai Jin Yi would have this move and his withered body was instantly swallowed by the flame dragon.

“Ah——”  Elder Pan trembled and he gave a pitiful scream like a pig being slaughtered.

Hong, hong, hong.

The Empty Starry Night Flames attack elder Pan’s defenses and turned him into a flame person in the blink of an eye.


Elder Pan who had been burnt to a crisp slammed down in the yard.

In the sky, there were no more battles.

Silence.  All the people in the yard were so stunned that they didn’t dare talk.

Ninth spiritual level experts……

Two died and one was injured.  The winner…..was actually Ye Yu Xi who came to cause “trouble”!

This woman, what status did she have!

In front of everyone, Ye Yu Xi slowly landed on the ground.

“The seventh prince has worked with an evil sect of the Central Plains to harm the children of the loyal ministers!  Stealing children, he deserves to be punished!”

Ye Yu Xi’s voice was cold and no one cared if her words were right or wrong.

The winner was the king.  With a ninth spiritual level expert here, did it make sense to question her?!

The third prince looked at the yard and the ground was dyed red with blood.  His lips curled into a bitter curve.

In the beginning……Ye Yu Xi had negotiated with him.  After she killed the seventh prince, he wouldn’t chase her after he took the throne.

But looking at it now, even if the royal family had the guts, would they dare chase her?!

To issue a decree against three ninth spiritual experts?

The times were changing……

No one said anything.  The wings on Ye Yu X slowly disappeared and the lines on her gradually faded.


Bai Jin Yi fell down beside Ye Yu Xi.

“The friend above, come down.”  Bai Jin Yi looked at Xue Yu in the sky.

Xue Yu looked over the stunned people before taking back his wings and falling from the sky.

“Many thanks for your help.”  Ye Yu Xi cupped her hands to Xue Yu.

“Ha, ha, even if I didn’t do anything, that old thing wouldn’t have been able to hurt the young miss.”  Xue Yu cupped his hands back to her.



Hei Feng Tian Zong and the others came over.

“Miss Ye, I’ll keep things short.  This is something brother Shi Qing has entrusted me to give you.”  Xue Yu took out a letter.

Shi Qing?!

A surprised look appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.

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