Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 733

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Chapter 733: The seventh prince’s wedding

Zhi, zhi.

The Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Minx called out in dissatisfaction to Ye Yu Xi, like it was protesting its unfair treatment just now.

Bai Jin Yi looked at Long Xiao Pang.  Of the words, he didn’t believe a single one!

Long Xiao Pang didn’t have any attack abilities, how could the Purple Spiritual Flashing Lighting Minx have been beaten into submission?

If it was that simple, it would have been disciplined by someone else already.

“Dragon master, there should be no problem with the little minx following Ye Yu Xi, right?”  Bai Jin Yi remembered the scene from the inn.

“Did it bite the little girl?”  Long Xiao Pang leaned over to play with the little minx’s tail, “According to the traditions of the Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Minx, it will not attack the little girl in this life, rather it will protect her.  In the beginning, this kind of treatment should be given to its mother.”

The meaning in Long Xiao Pang’s words was that during these few days, the Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Minx was already treating Ye Yu Xi as its mother.

“Dragon master, the purple fur on its head……”  Bai Jin Yi looked at the little minx biting Long Xiao Pang’s finger, its little fangs were releasing faint cold glows.

“This Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Minx should be an ancient variant, it should be related to its inheritance.”  Long Xiao Pang kept teasing the little minx.

Ancient variant……

A rare look of envy appeared in Bai Jin Yi’s eyes.  This kind of thing, it was rarely seen even in the Medicine King Valley.

In time, if the Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Minx were to grow, it might not lose to Huo Ling!

Everyone sat and cultivated for a while and there were only two hours left before noon!


Ye Yu Xi let out a bad breath.  Her eyes were glowing as she was filled with energy.

Zhi, zhi.

The Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Minx saw that Ye Yu Xi was finally awake and climbed onto Ye Yu Xi’s back, calling out.

“Boss, let’s go.”

The fatty and the others had also woken.  The spiritual energy inside them had mostly been recovered.

Ye Yu Xi fed the little minx a few drops of purple medicinal liquid and the little minx drilled into Ye Yu Xi’s sleeve after eating its fill to sleep.

“Let’s go.”  Ye Yu Xi looked over everyone.


Capital city.

The prince’s wedding, almost all the main streets were lit up.

The streets had been watered early in the morning to prepare for the seventh prince’s wedding.

A prince’s wedding ceremony, it naturally wasn’t held in the royal palace, but rather the prince’s palace prepared by the emperor.

The housekeeper of the prince’s palace was at the gate greeting the guests.

“The third prince is here——”

The housekeeper’s face changed and quickly said to a servant to the side, “Quickly tell his highness, the third prince is here.”

“Greetings to the third highness.”  The housekeeper gave a bow to the third prince and his guards.

“Rise.  It’s old seventh’s wedding, as his third brother, naturally I’ll be here to participate, ha, ha.”  The third prince walked into the hall.

In a loft to the side, the Mingyue Sect’s sect master Ming Yue Lian was sitting there surrounded by several female disciples.

“Sect master, the third prince is here, should we go take a look?”  A disciple asked.

Ming Yue Lian looked out the window, “The third prince is clashing with the seventh prince, there is no need to go.  Tell the disciples that once they find the Blood Enchantress’ people, immediately report in.”


A female disciple cupped her hands and left.

Ming Yue Lian drank all the tea in her cup.

Blood Enchantress, Ye Yu Xi.  They hurt Jia Qiong, this slap fell against our Mingyue Sect’s face.

Today, as long as you dare come, I, Ming Yue Lian will make it so you have no way of returning!


In a building in the backyard of the prince’s palace.

The seventh prince was standing in front of two old men in luxurious clothes.

“Elder Qiu, elder Pan, I’ve troubled you two.”

“We won’t show ourselves.  Today is your highness’ wedding, there is no need to care about us.”  Elder Qiu said with closed eyes.

“Many thanks for elder Qiu’s understanding.  There might be people who cause trouble here today, I’ll have to ask the two of you…..”

“Your highness can be assured.”  There was a sinister look in elder Pan’s turbid eyes, as a fierce curve appeared on his lips.

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