Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 717

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Chapter 717: Burning Sea Thunder Flame’s true body (Part 1)

Hong, hong, hong!

The demon core was swallowed by the purple flame and was wrapped inside it.

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi both moved back ten meters.

That several hundred square meters of Purple Crystal had completely turned into purple flames.

Ye Yu Xi coldly looked at the magnificent thunder flames.  This temperature, it really wasn’t something Beast Flames could compare to!

Bai Jin Yi’s eyes became larger, like it could see through everything.

“Prepare yourself.”  Bai Jin Yi said in a deep voice.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  The silver needle in her hand flew out and her hands formed a seal.  Under the control of her mental energy, three silver needles flew faster and faster.

Pu, pu, pu.

The silver needles entered her body and Ye Yu Xi’s aura exploded as her wings condensed.

Bai Jin Yi on the side was not idle as his golden spiritual energy circulated around him, using both the Imperial Flame Art and the Flame Control Art.

There was a long dragon’s roar that came out.

The golden flame dragon drilled out of Bai Jin Yi’s chest.

The fatty and the others not far away were stunned seeing this scene.

“What level of spiritual energy is that?  If it were to bite us, we would lose our little lives!”  The fatty gave an emotional sigh.


The Burning Sea Thunder Flame finally took form and the hundreds of square meters of purple flames disappeared without a trace.  Replacing it was a purple flame dragon that was over a hundred meters long.

There was a flash of lightning in the air that slammed into the dragon’s head.  Taking the might of the lightning, the purple flame dragon began twisting.

The golden flame dragon formed by Bai Jin Yi, it’s aura was not weak.  It was at least several dozen meters long.

But compared to the purple flame dragon’s hundred meter long body, it was a bit lacking.

Golden flames burned in Bai Jin Yi’s pupil and waving his hand, the golden flame dragon roared out.


The purple flame dragon had intelligence and sensed the golden flame dragon.  It opened its mouth and spat out a purple flame mixed with lightning.


The golden flame dragon’s body was made of the Empty Starry Night Flames, the Heavenly Spirit Flames were on a higher level than the Earthly Spirit Flames.

Although it couldn’t compare in quantity, it won in quality!

Taking the heavy hit, the golden flame didn’t scatter and continued to attack the purple flame dragon under Bai Jin Yi’s control.

Hong, hong, hong!

The flame dragons slammed against each other and purple and golden light exploded from their eyes.

Other than Long Xiao Pang, the others all felt their eyes filling with pain.

“Little girl, now is the time!”  Long Xiao Pang roared out.

Ye Yu Xi flapped the wings on her back and swallowed a piece of Extreme Ice Grass.

Before her body had completely frozen, the wings on Ye Yu Xi’s back flapped again as she slammed into the purple flame dragon.

After a full ten seconds, the light gradually disappeared.

Everyone’s vision went back to normal and they looked in front of them with narrowed eyes.

In front, there was already no trace of Ye Yu Xi.

“Little human ginseng, mas, master will be fine, right?”  Huo Ling looked at the giant flame dragon as his voice filled with worry.

“The little girl has swallowed the Extreme Ice Grass, the Strange Flame won’t have that much power over her.”  Long Xiao Pang comforted him.

But the worry on Long Xiao Pang’s face was deeper than anyone else.

Hong, hong, hong.

After Ye Yu Xi charged in, the Burning Sea Thunder Flame began to change.

The giant dragon kept twisting, sweeping across the forest around it.

When those trees with powerful heat resistance touched the Strange Flame, they instantly turned into ashes!  This was enough to show the Strange Flame’s might!

“This is bad, this place isn’t safe.  Quickly retreat.” Long Xiao Pang saw the changes of the flame dragon and brought everyone to retreat.

As for Ye Yu Xi inside the Burning Sea Thunder Flame, the coldness inside her was scattered by the heat of the Strange Flame and her body temperature returned to normal.

Ye Yu Xi was surrounded by purple flames, other than……

“That is, the true body of the Burning Sea Thunder Flame?!”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes filled with surprise as she looked forward.

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