Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 665

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Chapter 665: Use of demon cores (Part 2)

“It’s to make best use of the material.  Flame is something without form, especially Strange Flames, make of heaven and earth spiritual energy.  If you want to suck it in, you need to refine the flame seed inside, so the demon core is used to make the Strange Flame take form.”  Long Xiao Pang explained.

Flames with form?

Ye Yu Xi suddenly thought of the Imperial Flame Art.  Each time she trained in the Imperial Flame Art, she could always feel the turquoise flame in her mind’s sea turn into a green snake.

“Strange Flames will transform into the same form as spirit beasts, but it will be made of flames.  When the time comes, the little girl just needs to use all her strength to kill the flame spirit beast.”  Long Xiao Pang kept explaining.

“Kill?  What happens after it is killed?”  Ye Yu Xi was confused.

“After it is killed, the source of the Strange Flame will appear and you can just refine it.”  Bai Jin Yi said.

In terms of swallowing Strange Flame, Bai Jin Yi had experienced it already, so he was the most qualified to speak.

“Alright.”  A determined look appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s clear as water eyes.

“We’re done talking, let’s quickly leave.  This place isn’t safe.” Bai Jin Yi vigilantly looked around.

There was a Strange Flame inside the High Ocean Mountain Range, there were many forces that knew of this.

Not only a Strange Flame, there were quite a few Beast Flames.  So every year, there were quite a few talented youths who came here seeking treasures and hoping to obtain a stronger flame.

It was because of this, other than the blue colour of the High Ocean Mountains, there was another colour……Red, a red dye formed from people’s blood.

In the High Ocean Mountains, there weren’t tens of thousands of talented cultivators that died each day, but there were several thousands.

“Master, master, come help me!”  Huo Ling’s anxious voice rang out.

“Something happened, prepare to fight.”  Ye Yu Xi coldly shouted. She was the first to stand and her Soul Devourer Blade was already in her hand.

“What is it?”  The fatty swayed as he stood up.  He looked around, but everything was calm.

“It’s probably the little dumb bird causing trouble again.”  Long Xiao Pang muttered as he wisely entered the chaotic space.

Cleaning up this mess, it was better to leave it to the little girl and Xiao Bai.


Huo Ling was a white light as he quickly flew towards Ye Yu Xi.


He suddenly stopped and Huo Ling hit Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder with a “dong” sound, even causing Ye Yu Xi’s body to shake.

The fatty and the others looked over and saw a ginseng in Huo Ling’s claws, but…..it was blue.

“Master, master, they’ll be here soon.”  Huo Ling panted with large breaths.

Before Ye Yu Xi could speak, the sky suddenly turned dark.

“Damn!”  The fatty jumped up in shock.

“Huo Ling, did you burn down their nest!”  The fatty saw the dense mass above them. This quantity, describing it as several hundred was too little!

Ye Yu Xi looked up at the amount above them and her face turned cold.

Iron Claw Eagles!

Bai Jin Yi’s face became serious!


A Beast Flame appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s palm and she flicked her wrist, sending the flame out.

“Master……Flames are no use against them…..”  Huo Ling’s voice sounded very aggrieved.

They were clearly birds, why weren’t they afraid of flames!

Huo Ling was very angry, could they play properly!


A large eagle saw the turquoise flame.  Not only did it not dodge it, it charged at the fireball and slapped it with its wings.

Huo Ling’s Beast Flame was slapped into sparks.

This is bad!

The fatty and the others saw the sparks in the sky and quickly jumped several meters back.

“Boss, what bird is this!  It’s not even afraid of Beast Flames!”  The fatty shouted in a surprised voice from the side.

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