Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 661

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Chapter 661: Obtaining things (Part 3)

Lu Cheng’s eyes were wide open as he looked at the uncle in front of him in disbelief.  There was a large hand holding his neck.


The uncle twisted his wrist and Lu Cheng died.


Lu Cheng’s corpse was thrown onto the ground and his eyes were wide open.  Even in death, he still couldn’t understand. Why did the arena’s elder make a move against him?

Ye Yu Xi looked at the uncle and her heart filled with vigilance.

“Who are you?”  Bai Jin Yi softly said.

“Who am I?”  The uncle revealed a grin, “I am the arena’s elder.  You’ve killed this many people from the arena, you should give me an explanation.”


Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes narrowed.  The arena’s elder killed his own subordinate?

Shua, shua, shua!

After a few words, there were ten figures that appeared out of the forest around them who surrounded Ye Yu Xi’s group.  The one leading them was actually Xue Yu!

“We meet again.”  Xue Fei Yang raised his hand to greet Ye Yu Xi’s group.

They really were from the same group!

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi sensed the other side’s cultivation.  The weakest was…..in the seventh spiritual level!

“The people on the ground, you don’t need to waste your lives, just give me the kid.”  The uncle raised his hand to point.

Ye Yu Xi looked in the direction he was pointing, Shi Qing!

Shi Qing was also stunned!  The other side was here for him!

“Humph, in your dreams!”  Ye Yu Xi revealed her position.

“Pei!”  The fatty spat out, “If you want to take my brother, ask my blade first.”

“Big brother.”  Xue Yu saw that these people weren’t going to cooperate, so he said this in a low voice.

The uncle’s face sunk, “Go!”

Peng, peng, peng!

Ten figures released a shocking spiritual energy.

“Kill!”  Ye Yu Xi coldly roared out.

The aura around Bai Jin Yi changed and he immediately charged at the uncle.

Bai Jin Yi could feel that this uncle’s cultivation was exceptionally high!  It could even be……


A figure blocked Bai Jin Yi.  Xue Yu’s lips had a smile and the red wings on his back were gently flapping, “Your opponent is me!”


Xue Yu sent out a punch.  His power was completely different compared to back in the arena.

Bai Jin Yi gritted his teeth and released his Empty Starry Night Flames, sending a flame dragon biting out at Xue Yu.


Sparks flew in all directions.

Kacha, kacha.

There was a blood red layer of crystal around Xue Yu, slowly being shattered by the Strange Flame.

Bai Jin Yi saw the special armour around Xue Yu and a look of surprise appeared in  his eyes!

Looking around, it seemed the spiritual energy of these people were all blood red!

Oh?  Empty Starry Night Flames?

The expression of the uncle changed.  He never thought that this kid was from the Medicine King Valley.  It seemed like he really couldn’t go too far this time.


The uncle began to move.

When the uncle took a step, Ye Yu Xi’s group felt a formless pressure envelop them.

It seemed to be just a small step.

The uncle passed through the battlefield and arrived in front of Shi Qing.

The fatty looked at the uncle in front of them in surprise.  He was just over ten meters away, how was he this fast?

“Kid, come with me.”  The uncle looked at Shi Qing as he spoke.

The fatty’s little eyes popped out, “Want to take my brother?  Damn……”


The fatty didn’t even finish speaking before he was sent flying.

The uncle casually waved his hand and didn’t even touch the fatty, he just used the wind from his palm and it was already something that the fatty couldn’t block.

“Who are you!”  Shi Qing’s spiritual energy strangely exploded, like it was induced by the spiritual energy from the uncle.

“Oh?  There’s a reaction before it’s even been awakened?”  The uncle raised one brow.

Hu, hu.

Shi Qing’s breathing gradually became thicker and all his muscles tensed.

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