Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: Did I allow you to leave?

“You’re the one that hit others, go apologize.”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice was very calm. She already recognized the other side when she walked in, it was the Ningyuan City’s Li Family’s young miss Li Zhi Han.

“Ah?”  The fatty couldn’t react for a while.  He had spoken up for his boss and his boss was tell him to apologize without even asking anything?!  He opened his mouth and tried to explain, “Boss, it was them…..”

Ye Yu Xi glared at him and the fatty obediently backed down.

Although he didn’t understand why he needed to apologize, when he thought of his boss’ terrifying strength, it was impossible she was afraid of the witless girl in front of them.  Since she wanted him to apologize, the boss must have her own ideas.

The fatty lowered his head and muttered, “Sorry.”

Li Zhi Han naturally recognized Ye Yu Xi.  The one the fatty beat was her maid and when Ye Yu Xi had the fatty apologize, she thought that Ye Yu Xi was afraid of her.  She gave a snort and said, “Snort, a servant following a waste master will not be a good thing. This young miss is feeling good today and there’s this many people around, so I won’t have you kneel and beg for forgiveness.  Let’s go.” After saying this, Li Zhi Han pretended to be “generous” as she led her two maids away.

“Did I allow you to leave!”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice was very soft, but everyone shivered when they heard it.

Li Zhi Han turned around.  She never thought that Ye Yu Xi would dare stop her, so she revealed a disdainful smile, “Waste, who are you talking to!  A young miss that can’t even compare to the servants in the Ye Manor, do you really think you are a genius!”

Ye Yu Xi’s aura became like that of a wild beast as a faint killing intent was released.  She looked at Li Zhi Han, “I have disciplined my people because of his error, but your servant’s offensive words, how should we account for that!”


He, he.

Li Zhi Han and her two maids broke out in laughter.

“Look at this, this waste actually want to settle accounts with me!”  Li Zhi Han smirked to the maids beside her.

“With her weak cultivation?  A waste is a waste, she speaks without even thinking.”

“He, he, young miss, young miss Ye wishes to spar with you.  You should give her some guidance.”

Li Zhi Han was bending over with laughter.  She reached down for the whip at her waist which she pointed at Ye Yu Xi, “I wanted to have a fight with your Ye Manor’s genius second miss Ye Bing Fan on the selection stage, but since you’re seeking death today, I’ll practice with you first.”

She talked too much!

Ye Yu Xi directly moved towards Li Zhi Han.

Li Zhi Han moved at the same time.  Her whip was infused with spiritual energy and it flew out at Ye Yu Xi’s legs.

Ye Yu Xi jumped over the whip and kicked at Li Zhi Han’s arm.

“Ah!  Young miss!”  Li Zhi Han’s two maids covered their mouths as they gave shocked cries.  They watched on in disbelief.

It wasn’t just the two maids who were shocked, everyone watching was also shocked!

“The rumours were true?  The Ye Manor’s waste young miss had actually recovered her innate talent!”

“Li Zhi Han isn’t that great.  Others say that she is very strong and is named the genius second only to Ye Bing Fan in Ningyuan City, but she can’t even beat the waste today.”

Li Zhi Han fell to the ground with a look filled with rage.  She had been careless and she had been kicked down by Ye Yu Xi!  Hearing the discussion of everyone around, the flames of rage in her heart became even stronger.

She slapped the ground and she bounced up.  The whip in her hand flew out as she used her family taught technique, the low profound grade cultivation technique, the Dancing Dragon Whip.

“It’s the Li Family’s technique, the Dancing Dragon Whip!”  There were a few people who recognized this technique.

“It’s a Profound Grade Cultivation Technique, this young miss Ye is in for trouble.”  There were some people shaking their heads for Ye Yu Xi.

“Young miss, beat that slut Ye Yu Xi to death!”  Li Zhi Han’s maids were cheering for their young miss.

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