Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 649

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Chapter 649: Three Striped Blood Origin Pill (Part 1)

Ye Yu Xi’s group had just entered Scott Town.

Outside Scott Town, there was another group that had arrived.

“Princess, Scott Town is in front of us.  Should we rest here for a few days or should we directly go past?”  Si Luo stood outside the horse carriage, asking in a low voice.

“Scott Town.  Senior Yi Qi, what do you think?”  Princess Yuan Na looked at the youth beside her.

“When school starts each year, there are many people who have ideas for Beast Flames and there won’t be a lack of people this year.  With what I can see, let’s directly head into the High Ocean Mountains.” Yi Qi said.

“Si Luo, tell commander Di Ya to take a break before heading directly to the High Ocean Mountains.”  Yuan Na said while looking down.

“Yes.”  Si Luo replied.

“After school starts, I hope senior Yi Qi will take care of me.”  Yuan Na revealed a smile that sparkled with charm.

Yi Qi was a bit dazed seeing this and became a bit breathless, “Based on previous years, it’s the inner yard disciples that are in charge of the new disciples’ test.  Luckily this time I’m in charge, so the princess can be assured.”

Yi Qi forced himself to look away from Yuan Na’s face and looked outside.

The moment Yi Qi turned his head, there was disgust that appeared deep in Yuan Na’s eyes.


Scott Town.

“Where are the fatty and the others?”  Ye Yu Xi saw that there was only Long Xiao Pang and Hei Feng Tian Zong’s group drinking tea with her in the room.

“There’s still a while before eating, so I had the fatty and Ye Wen ask around.”  Long Xiao Pang looked at Bai Jin Yi who came in after Ye Yu Xi, “Have you cleaned up your rooms?”

“We’ve looked over it, there’s no problem.”  Bai Jin Yi said.

“Little girl, take out the map.”  Long Xiao Pang waved his hand at Ye Yu Xi.

The map was placed on the table and everyone circled around it.

“Look at this place and this place, the place we are in now is Scott Town.  Going to the High Ocean Mountains from here, it’ll only take a single day. Then coming back to the desert, it’ll only take half a day.  However, that place is not easy to find.” Long Xiao Pang looked at Ye Yu Xi, “My suggestion is rest up for two days and directly head into the High Ocean Mountains to find the Strange Flame.”

“Alright.”  Ye Yu Xi nodded.  Coming out this time, they had quite an abundant amount of time.


The door was pushed open.

“Boss, I met those people who wanted to buy water.”  The fatty came in and said.

“The Origin Flame Country’s princess?”  Ye Yu Xi raised a brow.

“Un, Ye Wen is following them.  They aren’t here to rest, they’re just buying some things and directly leaving.”  The fatty said.

“What about the other things you were investigating?”  Long Xiao Pang asked.

“You mean the arena?  I’ve asked about it, the prize of the arena is some maple lotus.  What was that name again?” The fatty scratched his head. It was his first time hearing the name of this medicine, he couldn’t immediately remember it.

“Crystal Maple Lotus?”  Long Xiao Pang’s little eyes turned round.

“That’s right!”  The fatty slapped his head, “Crystal Maple Lotus!”

Crystal Maple Lotus……

Ye Yu Xi narrowed her eyes.  This name, why did it sound so familiar.

“Dazed kid, do you want to become stronger?”  Long Xiao Pang looked over at Shi Qing.

Shi Qing had no expression.  He looked over at Bai Jin Yi first before his breathing became a bit faster, “I do!”

“Little girl, it seems like you’ll have to refine another pill.”  Long Xiao Pang laughed.

Violent Blood Physique!

Ye Yu Xi suddenly thought of this.  Shi Qing’s physique was very special, once his blood went berserk, but battle strength would be greatly increased.

Long Xiao Pang had mentioned it before, there is a pill that could control Shi Qing’s berserk state.  After he took the pill and entered the berserk state, he wouldn’t lose his rationality.

What Long Xiao Pang mentioned…..it wouldn’t be this pill, right!

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