Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 637

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Chapter 637: Lighting a fire for you all

“Quickly capture the perpetrator!”

The officer saw the strangeness with his soldiers and quickly came forward to urge him on, but the moment he stepped into Hei Feng Tian Zong’s cultivation technique, he also stopped moving.

“What is going on!”

There was a trace of panic in the officer’s voice.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Hei Feng Tian Zong in front of her and reached out to pat his shoulder, “You’re already tired enough, it’s not worth using your spiritual energy on these people.”

“Thank you master.”  Hei Feng Tian Zong took back his cultivation technique and stood up, but he suddenly realized what Ye Yu Xi said.

You’re tired enough……

It can’t be, the things he did with Hei Sha, it was heard by master in her room…..

Hei Feng Tian Zong’s forehead was covered in a layer of sweat.  It was unknown if it was from shock or from another reason.

Hei Sha was standing in the back and hearing what Ye Yu Xi said, a shy look appeared on her face.

Ye Yu Xi took a step forward and said to Huo Ling in her mind, “Huo Ling, where are you?”

Huo Ling still remembered his “Motley Army” little brothers, so he flew out to find those birds once he arrived in the capital city.

When the city guards came, Ye Yu Xi had contacted Huo Ling in her mind.  She needed his help.

“Master, I’ll be there soon.  Yi?  So many people.” Huo Ling hovered in the air.

Those city guards felt the restrictions on them disappear and their eyes were filled with fear.

How could they fight?

They charged over with their weapons and then……they were stuck to the ground by the other side?

It would be strange if they could fight like this!

These city guards all had hearts filled with fear.

The officer quickly ran over to prime minister Jia’s horse carriage.

“Prime minister, the brothers…..”

“Useless thing!”  Prime minister Jia reprimanded as he looked forward.

In such an exaggeratedly large horse carriage, there was one person sitting in front of prime minister Jia.  There was even a tea table placed in between them.

“Elder Zhuang, I’ll have to trouble you for today’s matters.”  Prime minister Jia said in a warm voice.

That elder Zhuang slowly opened his eyes, which were as sharp as eagle eyes in the middle of the night.  He slowly said, “Don’t be in a rush, send people to discuss this with the other side. If we really fight, it isn’t too late for this old man to make a move.”

After saying this, elder Zhuang slowly closed his eyes again.

Prime minister Jia saw that elder Zhuang wasn’t giving him any face.  His heart was filled with rage, but he didn’t dare show it.

This elder Zhuang was the Mingyue Sect’s fourth elder, he had a deep cultivation.  Right now Jia Qiong’s mind was unstable and the future was unclear.

At this time, prime minister Jia could only grit his teeth and swallow this indignance.  He waved his hand outside the horse carriage, “Humph! It’s all just an act, send people in!”

Ye Yu Xi could vaguely hear the angry voice from the horse carriage and raised one brow.

It seemed like without showing them a bit of strength, they thought Blood Enchantress was easy to bully!”

“Huo Ling, light a fire for them.”  Ye Yu Xi said to Huo Ling.

“Alright~~”  Huo Ling flew above Ye Yu Xi and the city guards.

Flapping his wings, he opened his little mouth.


Spiritual energy gathered in Huo Ling’s mouth and flames were shot out, landing on the ground.


The city guards in the front were covered in sparks.  They began to scream as soon as their clothes started burning.

The flames were as tall as a person, creating a moat between the city guards and Ye Yu Xi’s group.


The city guards’ formation fell into chaos.

Heavenly Flame!

It was Heavenly Flame!  Even the heavens were helping them!

It’s over, it’s over!  They couldn’t even approach the other side, how could they fight them!

All kinds of thoughts passed through the minds of the city guards.

The flames Huo Ling spat out weren’t Strange Flames, they couldn’t even be considered Beast Flames.

There was nothing that could be burned on the ground.  After a few seconds, the flames as tall as a person were extinguished.

In the horse carriage, elder Zhuang’s eyes were opened again, “I never thought that Ye Yu Xi would have some skills.  This old man will meet them.”

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