Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 619

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Chapter 619: The two missing people (Part 1)

This was……

Death Energy?

Ye Yu Xi looked at the ash grey energy on Hei Sha’s hand, there was the feeling of death coming from it.

“Little girl, that is something good.”  Long Xiao Pang also noticed the strange thing about Hei Sha.

“Master, our techniques are pretty good, right?  It shouldn’t bring you any trouble.” Hei Feng Tian Zong pulled Hei Sha back by the hand.

Seeing how close the two were, Ye Yu Xi said in an interested voice, “It seems like you two aren’t just master and guard.”

“Master, I won’t hide it from you.  Hei Sha is my future wife, but her family declined a few years ago and temporarily came to hide in our manor.”  Hei Feng Tian Zong noticed that Hei Sha’s expression became a bit lost and he held Hei Sha’s hand a bit harder.

“Alright, let’s change places to rest, we can’t stay here.”  Ye Yu Xi stood up. With a wave of her hand, a pile of sand came off the ground and extinguished the fire.

There were over a hundred wolf corpses around them and the scent of blood was very strong, so there would definitely be other spirit beasts attracted in the middle of the night.

If they stayed here for the night, before they could even sleep, they would end up in the stomach of a spirit beast.

After heading over half a mountain, they finally came to a rather flat location covered in vegetation.

They put up their tents.  Hei Feng Tian Zong would stay outside to keep guard and Ye Yu Xi and the others went into the tents.

“What are you here for?”  Ye Ye Yu Xi glared at Bai Jin Yi who came into her tent.

“There are only a total of two tents and Hei Sha is using one.  I can’t go in the same tent as Hei Sha, right?” The meaning in Bai Jin Yi’s words was that he could only come to Ye Yu Xi’s tent.

“Get out!”  Ye Yu Xi’s brows knit.

Bai Jin Yi ignored her and put some blankets on the ground before lying down.


A cold glow came from the Soul Devourer Blade in Ye Yu Xi’s hand.

“If you dare pass this line, you’re dead.”  Ye Yu Xi used the Soul Devourer Blade to draw a line on the ground, dividing the tent in half.

Bai Jin Yi saw the line beside him and revealed a smile.

With his strength, if he really wanted to be forceful, could Ye Yu Xi fight back?

But Bai Jin Yi could only think this in his heart, he definitely didn’t dare say anything.

In the middle of the night in the mountains, it quickly became quite, it wasn’t as noisy as the city.  There was much less noise and more tranquility.

Only…..this was only on the surface.

In the place where Ye Yu Xi’s group had ate the lamb meat, several hundred black figures appeared.

“Big brother, the bonfire is still warm, they shouldn’t have gone far.”

“In this short period of time, they could actually kill an entire wolf pack.  It seems like these people have some skills.”

“Big brother, all these wolves have blade wounds.”  A black clothed person reported.

“Begin searching, chase!”


Several hundred black clothed people passed through the dark night without a sound.


Hei Feng Tian Zong was sitting outside the tent with a bonfire burning in front of him.

“This should be your first time out of Black Wind Town, right?”  Hei Sha’s voice came from behind him.

“Why are you come out?”

“I couldn’t sleep, I wanted to be with you for a bit.”  Hei Sha silently sat down behind Hei Feng Tian Zong.

“Those people, I will definitely help you find them and then kill them all one by one!”  Hei Feng Tian Zong held Hei Sha’s shoulder and a trace of killing intent appeared in his voice.

Inside the tent.

Ye Yu Xi had been in a state of light sleep for not long.

Suddenly a hand covered Ye Yu Xi’s mouth.


Ye Yu Xi’s eyes suddenly opened and like a flash of lightning in the night, she looked at the person in front of her.


Bai Jin Yi made a gesture to keep quiet and silently pointed outside the tent.

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