Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 615

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Chapter 615: I killed him, do you have an objection?

“There were many people on the street, how can you be sure it was our Black Wind Family who did it?”  Hei Feng Ming Zhe’s face became a bit dark.

“Humph, in Black Wind Town, who dares move against our Chang Family other than your Black Wind Manor?”  The Chang Family Head knew his position. Even in front of Hei Feng Tai Qing, he had nothing to fear.

“You have proof?”  Hei Feng Ming Zhe said.

“Proof!  Humph, bring him forward!”

A trembling waiter with a bruised face was dragged out.

“This waiter saw them and my son leaving the restaurant and he strangely disappeared after that.  The last person he saw was Hei Feng Tian Zong. Do you have anything to say?”

“Say, was it a person called Chang Yu Shu?”  Bai Jin Yi took a few steps forward with a smile.

“That’s right.”  The Chang Family Head looked at Bai Jin Yi’s clothes and became a bit vigilant.

“That person was killed by me, do you have any objections?”  Bai Jin Yi had an evil charming smile on his face, speaking without any fear.

“You!  Someone.”  The Chang Family Head saw Bai Jin Yi admit it and his eyes were filled with flames of rage.

An aura erupted from Bai Jin Yi.

Facing the several Chang Family guards that came forward, Bai Jin Yi stepped down and jumped up, moving to the street.  With a flick of his robe, his foot went high up before falling onto the ground.


A giant sound rang out.

All the blue stone tiles on the street were smashed by Bai Jin Yi’s kick and the street was trembling.

Hong, hong, hong.

Large amounts of golden flames came out of the cracks, shocking everyone.

“I killed him, he deserved to die.  Chang Family Head, do you have an objection?”  Bai Jin Yi had a cold expression and his eyes like evil swords swept over everyone’s faces.



The golden flames in the cracks became stronger and the heat wave made everyone’s throats dry.

“If you have an objection, I don’t mind heading to the Chang Family!”  Bai Jin Yi’s voice echoed through the street.

A pair of wings gradually formed on Bai Jin Yi’s back and they flapped softly.

Ninth spiritual level expert!

The Chang Family Head’s eyes became as wide as plates instantly.

How could he be a ninth spiritual level expert!  He was still this young, how was that possible!

His heart was filled with disbelief, but the facts were in front of him.  After a bit of silence, the flames of rage in the Chang Family Head’s eyes gradually faded.

He was clear in his heart what kind of person his son was.  His son was gone, but he could give birth to another one…..If the family was destroyed, perhaps he would never be able to rise again.

The Chang Family Head waved his hand and the arrogant guards from before all began running to the end of the streets, escaping for their lives.

If it wasn’t for the Family Head present, these people would have run already.

Fighting a ninth spiritual level expert, what kind of joke was that!

“Young master, many thanks for young master’s help, but the Chang Family does have a bit of strength.  The elder of the Chang Family has been said to also be a ninth spiritual level expert, so the young master should…..”

“The Black Wind Family Head does not need to worry, we will be leaving Black Wind Town today.  Next time we meet might be several years later.” Bai Jin Yi took back the flames at his feet.

The cracks were burnt black and were several meters deep.  One could see how much power was in a single kick from Bai Jin Yi.

Hei Feng Tian Jiao looked at Bai Jin Yi from the side with eyes filled with worship.  She had already decided in her heart, she would definitely marry a man like this!

Ye Yu Xi seemed to sense something and turned her head to look at Hei Feng Tian Jiao, but the latter’s eyes were set on Bai Jin Yi.

“If there’s nothing else, we should directly head back.”  Ye Yu Xi softly said.

“Miss Ye, you’re leaving right now?”  Hei Feng Ming Zhe was a bit surprised.

“Xiao Hei, we still have quite a few things to take care of, so we won’t keep bothering you.  We’ll bring Xiao Xiao Hei with us and although we can’t guarantee he’ll be alive when he comes back, he definitely won’t die with me here, so you can be assured.”  Long Xiao Pang said this while patting his chest.

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