Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 570

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Chapter 570: Black Stone Mountain Range (Part 2)

“There are so many dead people and there is a cart on the side.”  Huo Ling carefully looked over the scene.

“Where is it, go over and take a look.”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes became more serious.

With Huo Ling leading the way, Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi traveled over another half a mountain and came to a ravine.

In the ravine, there was a road.  There were several horse carriages stopped there and some corpses abandoned at the side of the road.

“Master, there are herbs here.”  Huo Ling fell onto a carriage and sniffed the fragrance coming out.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the wounds of these people.  There weren’t many outer injuries, most of them died after vomiting out blood.

“They were shocked to death with palm energy.”  Bai Jin Yi looked over them, speaking in a soft voice.

Ye Yu Xi nodded and looked over their weapons.  This break……Ye Yu Xi picked up a broken weapon and there was a clear corroded mark at the break!  It was that group of people!

“The goods haven’t been moved, it seemed like the other side wasn’t robbing them.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the goods in the horse carriage. She used her Soul Devourer Blade to cut them open, it was mostly filled with herbs.


When Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi changed directions, the person following behind them turned to report to Li Peng Pu.

“Elder Li, they are heading for the road.  What do we do, do we follow them?”

“The road?  No need, they won’t take the main road, they are most likely looking for a place to rest.  Sima Xun, keep following them.”

“Yes!”  Sima Xun responded before he left, heading in the direction of the road.

Li Peng Pu looked in the direction Sima Xun left in and there was an unclear look in his eyes.  What he said now to Sima Xun was just a random excuse to let him keep following Ye Yu Xi’s group.  Once something happened, his group could immediately escape.


On the road.

Bai Jin Yi circled around the horse carriages a few times.  These horse carriages, they looked like a merchant caravan, being filled with some normal herbs.  However, when he looked more closely, there was something not right.

Walking around, he stepped on a broken sword and Bai Jin Yi looked down at it.

“Un?  This is……”

The little star mark on the hilt of the sword attracted Bai Jin Yi’s attention.

“Huo Ling, stop eating.  We’re preparing to leave.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Huo Ling who kept eating herbs from the roof of the carriage.

“Wu…..Master, wait a bit.  This treasure will be full after eating another half a carriage.”

“Half a carriage……”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the size of the carriage.  When Huo Ling finished eating half of it, it would take at least two hours! 

Bai Jin Yi’s voice came from behind Ye Yu Xi, “Stop searching, they aren’t your Ice Mist Country’s people.  You shouldn’t be able to find anything.”

“Un, what do you know?”  Ye Yu Xi turned around and looked at the thing in Bai Jin Yi’s hand.

“This is the mark of the Flying Star Villa.”  Bai Jin Yi gave the broken sword to Ye Yu Xi. He looked around, stopping at a large tree before returning to normal.

“Flying Star Villa, what power is that?”  Ye Yu Xi thought about it. She threw the broken sword in her hand into her Space Ring.  If she kept this thing, who knew what use she would have for it.

“On the other side of the Black Stone Mountain Range, there is a rather chaotic area.  The Flying Star Villa is a first class power there and has a bit of fame, only why did their people come here.”  Bai Jin Yi looked around them, it didn’t seem like a large battle.

“Those people have caught up again.  There is nothing here, let’s go.” Ye Yu Xi noticed where Sima Xun was.

The two looked at each other before continuing deeper into the Black Stone Mountain Range.

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