Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 565

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Chapter 565: Face slapping, number one genius (Part 7)

“That Ying Da, I’ve heard that master picked him up a few years ago.  He was a little beggar back then and he fainted at the foot of the mountain.  When he was brought back to the sect, the sect master saw that he was quite smart, so she had him remain in the inner sect to do things.  There are quite a few disciples in the sect that like him.” Dongfang Bing Ya said.

“This Ying Da, there’s a problem with him!”  Ye Yu Xi eyes revealed a determined look.

“There’s a problem?”  Dongfang Bing Ya was a bit confused, “In these past few years, other than his cultivation talent being normal, everything about him was pretty good.  Master saved him back then, so even if there is an internal problem…..it isn’t likely to be him.”

“Bing Ya, think about a problem.”  Ye Yu Xi organized her thoughts and her tone became even more certain.

“You just said that he is very smart and the people of the sect all like him very much, right?”

Dongfang Bing Ya nodded.

“Think about it, the sect is a place with the law of the jungle, it is where people act arrogantly the most.  If I didn’t remember wrong, there is a city ten miles away from the Blue Jade Peak. With how smart Ying Da is, he could make a living in that town, so how is it possible he would faint here?”

Ye Yu Xi said her thoughts.  That Ying Da, he seemed like he had no problems at all, but when it all came together, there was a giant problem!

Although Dongfang Bing Ya had some difficulty accepting this, her mind gradually began falling in line with Ye Yu Xi’s thoughts.

“I’m going to find Ying Da and bring him over.”  Dongfang Bing Ya stood up and began walking out.

“No need, Bing Ya.”  Ye Yu Xi spoke to stop her, “If it’s really him, we shouldn’t be able to find him now.”


When Bai Jin Yi left the Blue Jade Peak square, he found a place with no one around.  Wings appeared on his shoulders and he flew off into the sky.

Coming to the back mountain, on top of a cliff, there was a person standing there wearing a set of black clothes who was bowing with respect.

Bai Jin Yi fell down in front of that black clothed person.

“Young master.”  Shadow fell to one knee.

“No need for courtesy.  How many brothers are left?”  Bai Jin Yi softly asked.

“Reporting to the young master, counting, counting me, there are only two.”  Shadow remained on one knee and his eyes misted over as his head remained down.

“Ghost Asura Sect, Gui Qian Xiu, I, Bai Jin Yi will definitely get my revenge!”  There were golden flames in Bai Jin Yi’s eyes and spiritual energy fluctuations came from him.

For a full minute, neither of them spoke.

“Young master, your cultivation…..”  Shadow asked in a cautious voice.

Bai Jin Yi let out a long breath and buried his emotions deep in his heart.  He asked in a calm voice, “It’s fine, this injury is a bit troublesome, but it has been suppressed for now.  How did you find this place?”

“This subordinate went to the capital city and found young miss Nangong.  She told me that the young master and young miss Ye came to the Blue Jade Peak.”  Shadow honestly replied.

“Did something happen in the capital city?”

“Reporting to the young master, nothing has happened.  But the Ghost Asura Sect has become more and more active lately.  Young master, the elders of the valley want you to return and get married.”

“Marry?”  Bai Jin Yi felt a headache come over him before he waved his hand, “We’ll talk about this matter later.  Go and tell those old fellows that I haven’t finished my matters yet and I’ll return in a bit.”

“Young master, if the elders learn the matter of young miss Ye, I’m afraid…..”

“I have my plans for this matter.  Go to the Alchemist Academy when you head back, help me arrange something.”  Ye Yu Xi’s face flashed in his mind and Bai Jin Yi’s lips curled into a faint smile.

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