Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 559

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Chapter 559: Face slapping, number one genius (Part 1)

Jia Qiong who had been sitting there suddenly opened her eyes.  She slapped the armrest and flew through the air, gently floating out like a giant bird.

When Jia Qiong was in the air, her eyes turned cold and she sent out a flying kick.


Dongfang Bing Ya was looking down at the wound on her shoulder, she never thought Jia Qiong would directly make a move.  Jia Qiong’s kick landed right on the wound on her shoulder.


There was a deep bone breaking sound.  Even though they were several meters away, everyone heard it clearly.

“Senior sister Bing Ya.”

“Junior sister!”

Taba Ying Bo and the Blue Jade Peak disciples all rushed forward.

“Mingyue Sect, Jia Qiong.  Blue Jade Peak, who will come forward!”  Jia Qiong stood in the center of the stage with an arrogant look on her face.

“Li Peng Pu, your Mingyue Sect doing this is a bit unreasonable!”  The second elder roared out. Dongfang Bing Ya’s shoulder blade had been shattered by a kick.  If there wasn’t a pill that could cure it, she could be considered half crippled.

“Second elder, not having enough skills, you must be willing to lose and win with a bet.  If you have the strength, you can also injure our people. Our Mingyue Sect will have no complaints.”  Li Peng Pu’s lips curled into a smile as he looked at Blue Jade Peak’s people.

“Jia Qiong…..Very good…..”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Jia Qiong on the stage and began moving forward. 

“Move.”  Ye Yu Xi came through the crowd.  There were seven-eight disciples around Bing Ya and if she didn’t speak up, she wouldn’t be able to pass.

Taba Ying Bo looked Ye Yu Xi with a complicated gaze, but he still waved his hand to let the disciples move aside.

Ye Yu Xi leaned over to pick up Dongfang Bing Ya and took out an Origin Returning Pill which she gave to Bing Ya.

Bing Ya’s injury were serious, the second grade Origin Returning Pill could only stabilize her injuries.  To let her broken bone heal instantly, that was impossible.

“The rest…..leave it to me.”  Ye Yu Xi softly said beside Dongfang Bing Ya’s ear.

Ye Yu Xi could feel that Bing Ya had feelings for this sect, otherwise she wouldn’t have gone all out for this sect.

But when Ye Yu Xi spoke, a disciple had already jumped onto the stage with the fourth elder’s instructions.

“Blue Jade Peak, Yang Xing Jian.  I’ve come to ask for guidance from the Ice Mist Country’s number one genius.”

Jia Qiong looked over Yang Xing Jian in front of her and shook her head.  With a cold laugh, she said in a loud voice, “Does your Blue Jade Peak not have any capable people!  Just a trivial fifth spiritual level and you dare send yourself to death?”

The three elders of the Blue Jade Peak heard what Jia Qiong said, but they could only be angry without saying a thing.  Over these years, they had heard many things about Jia Qiong. Other than Bing Ya, there was no one else that could fight her, but Bing Ya……

If it wasn’t like this, the elders wouldn’t be willing to send Yang Xing Jian onto the stage.

“Whether it is seeking death or not, we’ll only know after fighting!”  Yang Xing Jian’s face was filled with rage. This Jia Qiong, she was too wild!”

“Humph, are you worthy of fighting me?”  Jia Qiong shook her head. Her eyes suddenly turned cold and she flew out.

So fast!

Yang Xing Jian focused and could barely defend himself when Jia Qiong’s attack had already approached.

Dong!  Kacha!

Jia Qiong’s kick landed on Yang Xing Jian’s arm guarding in front of him.  Such a strong kick, it directly broke the latter’s arm.

With just a single move, Yang Xing Jian fell and flew off the stage.

“Can’t even take a single hit, is there anyone else!  Who dares come up for a fight!” Jia Qiong looked down from above at the Blue Jade Peak disciples.

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