Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 551

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Chapter 551: Spirit Subduing Bug (Part 1)

Bai Jin Yi reached out to take the silver needle and sniffed the tip before saying, “Based on the smell and feeling, it should be a Spirit Subduing Bug.  This kind of thing is not something a small Ice Mist Country could have. Normally only a few forces of the Central Plains area like using them.”

“Spirit Subduing Bug?”

An introduction for the Spirit Subduing Bug flashed in her mind.  This was a very small bug and it had a very strong vitality, it wouldn’t die even if it was boiled in water.  The specialty of this bug is that it can live inside a person and slowly devour their cultivation.

Only…..the rate of devouring was rather slow.

“An adult Spirit Subduing Bug needs a large amount of spiritual energy to nurture.  The one in the Blue Jade Sect sect master’s body, it should have hatched not long ago.  If we came a few days earlier and this bug was still in its egg, we probably can’t find it even with mental energy.

Bai Jin Yi thought about the feeling back then.

“It seems like there is a plot here.”  Ye Yu Xi took back the silver needle. Those watery eyes were crystal clear, but there was a flash of light in them.

“Come, let’s take a look.”  Bai Jin Yi revealed a faint smile.  Since Ye Yu Xi came back, he already knew what she wanted to do.

Ye Yu Xi nodded and without time to say anything, she was held by Bai Jin Yi in his embrace.

With Bai Jin Yi’s speed, when Ye Yu Xi could see again, they were out off the room and on the roof of Bing Ya’s master’s room.

Ye Yu Xi glared at Bai Jin Yi, but the latter placed a finger on her lips.

Bai Jin Yi looked down at the roof under him.  That disciple named Ying Da was still in the room.

Ye Yu Xi softly tapping Bai Jin Yi’s hand, signaling him not to move as she took out several pills.

That pill was the one she gave the fatty back when he stole from the capital city and the effects weren’t bad.  Ye Yu Xi had two left from back then.

Putting an antidote in Bai Jin Yi’s mouth, she moved a tile underneath her and threw the pill down softly.


Ye Yu Xi jumped out and flipped in the air.  When she was in the air, she chopped out with her hand and it accurately landed on the neck of the disciple guarding the door.

The disciple’s eyes rolled back and he was knocked out.

Bai Jin Yi’s actions were smaller compared to Ye Yu Xi.  Without seeing any movement, he directly fell down and slowly landed on the ground.

The two looked at each other as they spread their mental energy over the house at the same time.

When there was no movement from inside, the two of them went in.

In the house, Ying Da was unconscious over the table and everything else was normal.


When she came beside the bed, there was the Soul Devourer Blade in Ye Yu Xi’s hand.

The tip of the blade gradually approached the body of the Blue Jade Peak’s sect master.


Ye Yu Xi created a small wound on the sect master’s neck.

Her fingertips reached the wound and a trace of mental energy went in.

When feeling out the position of the bug, Ye Yu Xi was watching Bai Jin Yi standing behind her the entire time.

When she looked at Bai Jin Yi, he looked at her to tell her to look back around.  The location of the bug was……

Ye Yu Xi slowly pulled away the blanket.  With the faint light, Ye Yu Xi could see that there was a large patch of black on the sect master’s chest.

It seemed like it was that spiritual energy.


Softly, the tip of the blade in Ye Yu Xi’s hand created a small cross cut on the sect master’s chest.

Ye Yu Xi used her Dark Poison God’s Art and what swelled out of the wound was not blood, but rather dark energy.

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