Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 539

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Chapter 539: Going against the heavens to change one’s life?

“Energy wings.”  Bai Jin Yi softly said.

The wings on his back softly flapped and he slowly landed on the ground.  Those golden wings turned into spiritual energy and disappeared.

“Energy wings is the sign of the ninth spiritual level.  A normal cultivator cannot condense wings to fly through the sky.”

Hearing Bai Jin Yi’s explanation, Ye Yu Xi suddenly thought of her combination with Huo Ling.

“What about above the ninth spiritual level?  What realm is it?”

“Above the ninth spiritual level, it’s just like cultivation techniques, separated into heaven, earth, profound, and yellow grade.  Accordingly, they are the Heaven Spirit Realm, the Earth Spirit Realm, the Profound Spirit Realm, and the Yellow Spirit Realm. The difference between the Cultivator Realm is that from the Yellow Spirit Realm up, there isn’t the separation of levels one to nine.”

“Un?  What does it use to separate?”  Ye Yu Xi silently remembered this in her heart.

“It’s separated very simply.  It is separated into beginner, intermediate, advanced, and peak, but there is a very difficult gap between each level.  There are many people who after breaking through to the Yellow Spirit Realm from the ninth spiritual level, they remain in the beginner level of the Yellow Spirit Realm for their entire life.”

“Little girl, you don’t need to worry, hei, hei.  If you stay with your little husband, you’ll have an advantage.”  Long Xiao Pang suddenly spoke up in a somewhat mysterious voice.

“Why?”  In Ye Yu Xi’s heart, there was a bit of surprise, or rather there was a fighting intent that was raised in her!  Ye Yu Xi felt that there were still many things that she needed to learn!

Long Xiao Pang didn’t say anything and looked over at Bai Jin Yi.

“The main reason why those people couldn’t breakthrough was because their mental energy wasn’t strong enough.”  Bai Jin Yi told her the reason.

Ye Yu Xi just blinked in dismay, as there was something she felt too awkward to say.  That was……mental energy…..seemed…..easy to train.

Ke, ke!

Long Xiao Pang deliberately coughed, “Little girl, don’t think that I don’t know what you’re thinking.  You comprehended mental energy when you were in the sixth spiritual level, so you think it’s very easy. There are many people who only comprehend a bit of mental energy after the eighth spiritual level and even after training it for their entire life, their spiritual energy wouldn’t grow by much.”

“Un, dragon master is very correct.  There are many people who for that reason can only stay in the eighth spiritual level, unable to break through to the ninth spiritual level.  It’s because their mental energy is too weak and they can’t control a large amount of spiritual energy, so they can’t form their energy wings.”

Bai Jin Yi continued saying, “Of course, gathering the energy wings is only one side of it.  When gathering the wings, it also means that your body has begun to change. Normal cultivators can only live to around one hundred and twenty years.  Ninth spiritual level experts cna live to one hundred and eighty years. As one’s cultivation becomes higher, their lives will become longer.”

Oh?  Going against the heavens to change one’s life?

Ye Yu Xi suddenly thought of something.  Bai Jin Yi’s story made Ye Yu Xi think of one thing, gods!

“Then, when a human’s cultivation reaches the peak, how long can they live?”  Ye Yu Xi had her speculations. If the time was long enough, that Thousand Hand Guanyin from several thousand years ago could still be alive.

But Bai Jin Yi’s response cut off Ye Yu Xi’s thoughts.

“Five hundred years, that is the limit for humans.  But there’s a legend that if one can break past the peak, there is still another realm past the Heaven Spirit Realm!  The Immortal Spirit Realm!”

When he said this, Bai Jin Yi gave a self deprecating laugh, “The Immortal Spirit Realm, hearing about it is fine, but the Purple Cloud Continent hasn’t had anyone in this realm for over ten thousand years.  As for whether it exists or not, it’s hard to say. Perhaps it was something the descendants made up to give themselves an illusion.”

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