Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 530

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Chapter 530: Immoral things (Part 2)

They came into an alley with no one around them.

Bai Jin Yi had a smile on his lips.  He reached out with an incredible speed as he grabbed Ye Yu Xi’s waist.


With Bai Jin Yi’s strength, Ye Yu Xi’s back hit the ice cold wall.

Bai Jin Yi still had a smile as he looked at the beauty in front of him with his starry eyes.  This kind of scene had already happened several times.

Only, the previous times, it was inside the Exquisite Wonder Technique.  They had locked gazes and were even……

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold.  She wanted to resist, but her spiritual energy was casually suppressed by Bai Jin Yi and she couldn’t raise any strength.

Even……Ye Yu Xi could feel that Bai Jin Yi was pressing against her chest and she could clearly feel the pressure on her chest.

Bai Jin Yi had a smile as he closed his eyes and moved his lips towards Ye Yu Xi for a kiss.

“I thought the two of you ran into a little alley because you noticed me, but you came here to do immoral things!”

A hoarse voice came from above the two of them.

Bai Jin Yi’s lips stopped less than an inch away from Ye Yu Xi.  Hearing this voice, his lips gradually moved away and his hand holding Ye Yu Xi’s waist relaxed.

Releasing his control of Ye Yu Xi’s spiritual energy, he looked up.

He saw a “familiar” person above him and Bai Jin Yi’s smile became brighter.

“If we didn’t do anything immoral, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have shown yourself so soon.”

On the wall was an old man.  This old man was the Alchemist Guild’s vice chairman, Jiang Feng Hua!

Jiang Feng Hua heard Bai Jin Yi’s words and his face sunk a bit.  Based on this gigolo’s meaning, he did this on purpose to draw him out?

“Humph!  Arrogant junior!”

Jiang Feng Hua gave a cold snort and released his aura, which surrounded the two of them.  He jumped off the wall and landed ten meters away before looking at Ye Yu Xi.

“Ye Yu Xi?  I admit that you are talented and are a good seedling, but I never thought that you were such a whore.  You are a cultivator, but you bring a gigolo without any cultivation along with you.”

Jiang Feng Hua’s words were filled with taunting.  He had just used his spiritual energy to check, Ye Yu Xi should be around the sixth spiritual level and the handsome young master by her side had no spiritual energy fluctuations at all!  There was only a bit of spiritual energy, he should be in around the second or third spiritual level.


Ye Yu Xi’s strange eyes looked at Bai Jin Yi and her lips revealed a rare smile.

“Does it matter to you who I support?  As for you, sneaking around and following us, what reason do you have?”  Ye Yu Xi had met the seventh prince in the arena earlier and her anger still hadn’t faded yet.

“Hundred Flower Hands, I never thought that the one who bought the Hundred Flower Hands at the auction the other day was actually you.  Hand it over and I can spare your life.” Jiang Feng Hua said this as he released even more of his aura.

Eighth spiritual level!

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes became more serious.  She had heard that the Alchemist Guild’s chairman Ye Hui was in the eighth spiritual level and the vice chairman Jiang Feng Hua was in the seventh spiritual level.  It seemed like the truth was not in line with the rumours.

“I never thought that a respected Alchemist Guild vice chairman would actually hide your cultivation.  It seemed like you had other plans for being in the guild.” Ye Yu Xi raised a brow and the Soul Devourer Blade had already silently appeared in her hand.


Jiang Feng Hua didn’t deny Ye Yu Xi’s words.  Seeing the action in Ye Yu Xi’s hand, he revealed a disdainful smile, “Young miss Ye, you’re in the sixth spiritual level and you want to fight me?”

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