Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 524

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Chapter 524: Ye Yu Xi cheated (Part 1)

Bai Jin Yi swept out with his mental energy.  Although there weren’t many people at the stations, most of it was a mess and there was only one that was empty, not having been moved yet.

“It seems like that center station was left for you.”

Ye Yu Xi did not reply as she slowly moved towards the station.

Bai Jin Yi looked over the crowd and looked over the viewing stand before standing there without moving.  He just silently stood at the entrance watching Ye Yu Xi, looking very conspicuous.

“Look, look, what is that girl doing?  Why did she only come now?”

“Look at the young master in white clothes, he has such a strong aura.  I wonder which family he is from.”

Song Lan Er was on the stage sweating bullets as she was refining.  Hearing the sounds of the people around her, she looked out the corner of her eye and saw Ye Yu Xi walking past her.


Song Lan Er gritted her teeth.  Last time at the alchemist test, although she had become a first grade alchemist, her fame had all been stolen by this slut Ye Yu Xi!  She didn’t think that she would come this time, but she never thought that Ye Yu Xi would appear again!”

“Humph!  Most of the time has already passed.  Even if you’re a second grade alchemist, it is impossible for you to refine anything in this short period of time!”  Song Lan Er’s lips revealed her disdain. Without a place, it was impossible to join the Alchemist Academy.

“Old Song, Old Song, look at that girl.  Isn’t that the one from the Alchemist Guild last time?”

“Un?  Which one?”  Song Lang Er’s father Song Yuan Dong was sitting in the last row of the stands as he looked at Ye Yu Xi on stage.

“It really is.  He, he, coming at this time is a bit late.  Look at the time, there is less than an hour left.  Even if chairman Ye personally came out, he wouldn’t be able to refine a high grade pill.”  Song Yuan Dong had a smile on his face. His daughter had one less competitor.

Ye Yu Xi calmly walked over to her station while everyone was talking.

Looking over the station, it was still quite clean, there wasn’t even a cauldron.  It seemed like it was all up to her.

Ye Yu Xi used her mental energy to sweep over what everyone else was refining.  There were some that were refining first grade pills and some that couldn’t refine pills, so they refined medicinal liquid.


With a flash of light from Ye Yu Xi’s hand, the copper cauldron fell onto the station.

“Humph, a copper cauldron.”  Song Lan Er’s station wasn’t far from Ye Yu Xi.  When she saw Ye Yu Xi’s cauldron, her lips were filled with disdain again.  Anyone with a bit of knowledge on alchemy knew that cauldron grades were very important.  Even she was using a silver cauldron and that slut dared to use a copper cauldron. She definitely wouldn’t be able to refine a pill!

Ye Yu Xi looked over the time and saw that there was still over an hour.  If she used it to refine the Purple Spirit Pill, it was enough time.


The turquoise flame entered the cauldron.

It was inevitable that it attracted the attention of the crowd.

The seventh prince saw that turquoise flame and his eyes jumped up as he became unsettled.

Fang Leng Qing on stage felt the temperature of the flame inside Ye Yu Xi’s cauldron and her eyes popped out!

It was her!  This kind of feeling, the one who killed Yan Hua back then was definitely her!

Fang Leng Qing looked at the turquoise flame and felt it was very familiar…..Back in the Heaven Mountain Range, that mysterious person had used this flame.

A light flashed in Ye Yu Xi’s hand again as she took out the materials for the Purple Spirit Pill.  The other people had all prepared several portions of material to prepare for mistakes and failures.

But to Ye Yu Xi, she could still refine something like the Purple Spirit Pill even if she closed her eyes.  The only difficult thing was how much time she had.

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